HAOQI Antelope Ebike - Best Cargo Ebike for Families

An electric cargo bike is an electrically powered bicycle that supports riders by transporting heavy items. It is also ideal for families who want to plan their day and take necessary items. This is why they are commonly found in communities, for riding to school, market, and religious centers. You can also use it to carry your dog or sell your business items. In this article, you shall discover the best electric cargo bike for families: the HAOQI Antelope. This piece also emphasizes the importance of riding a cargo bike.

HAOQI antelope cargo ebike

The Popularity of Cargo Bikes in Cities

Cargo bikes are rapidly gaining popularity in cities because they provide a sharing mobility solution. A family cargo bike also tops the list of reasons behind the wide adoption of electric cargo bicycles. It is being used for personal transportation and delivery purpose. Since electric bikes are specially designed to accommodate the extra weight, they help family businesses to expand their delivery range. Research has also shown that an electric cargo bike is faster than a typical delivery van. Meanwhile, cargo e-bike provides more benefits to society and contributes to their popularity.

Cargo Bikes Reduce the Rate of Road Users

As a result of the pandemic outbreak, there is an increased number of road users than before. Today, people are employing an effective mode of transportation that will minimize traffic rates. This is also done to boost work productivity and meet up with the sharp change in the economic situation. Thus, workers want to reach their work quickly and non-sweaty. 

Where there are too many transporters on the road, it leads to high congestion. People are encouraged to adopt shared mobility to reduce accident risk and save lives. Meanwhile, electric cargo bikes promote shared mobility more than most other types of electric bikes.

An Investment for the Family

It costs quite a lot to sort the transportation of every family member individually. This particularly applies to a large-sized family. In this case, you need an electric cargo bike to minimize cost and effectively plan your finances. This helps you to spend on other necessities, especially the ones that contribute to the family's growth.

Although the upfront cost of an electric bike may be expensive, consider the long-term investment. It costs a lot to find a replacement for damaged parts of cars, compared to electric bikes. Electric bikes are easily replaceable, especially when the components are from popular brands. Also, you wouldn't have to worry about parking or license fees. 

Fun for the Family

A cargo ebike is the most fun transportation for moving your kids from one place or position to another. In this modern age, parents are so occupied with work that they struggle to fulfill their parental duties. This includes dropping the children off at school, grocery shopping, or even driving them to school events. It is more chaotic when you have to worry about fueling your car. With a cargo bike, the tasks will be manageable. A cargo bike makes fulfilling these duties easy, especially in a world that celebrates shared mobility. 

A cargo bike allows you to have fun with your kids while exploring the beauty of nature. While riding through a calm environment, you can tell an exciting story or joke. This will also create more bonds between you and the kids. This is one of your kid's best memories of you.

Consider the Extra Accessories

Your family cargo bike will function better when you use the right accessories. You need ebike accessories such as light, rain cover, child seat cushion, and many others. The cushion will provide extra support and stability to a child. Consider getting a helmet, which helps to protect the head against collision or road accidents.

The HAOQI Antelope Pro 750W Cargo E-bike

This electric bike model is one of the best products in the market. You can enjoy the bike value if you often ask, cargo bikes are practical through their highly powered ebike motor  of 750W. This means you can cover long distances before running out of support. It is also built with a high-tech battery of 48v 25Ah. This implies the electric bike can cover up to 85 miles per charge. However, your activities and bike maintenance will influence how far the battery can go before draining out. If the battery is not in good condition, it may go off after covering just 45 miles. You may check the user manual provided by HAOQI manufacturers concerning battery usage and applicable maintenance or care routine.

The load capacity of this HAOQI Antelope e-bike is 350 LBS, which is a reasonable amount for an average rider or user. Also, remember that this maximum load capacity includes the rider's weight and any other item you may carry with you. To ease your transportation, HAOQI gives its customers a free ebike rear rack. This rear rack can pack your items or luggage instead of putting them in a backpack and concentrating the effect of the load.

The maximum speed for this electric bike is 28 mph. This is vital information, as it ensures your safety while on the road. You may also use the alloy adjustable suspension to tweak the chain drive system. With the 5-level pedal assist system, you can set it to your preferred mode. The alloy pedal also has reflectors, enhancing your ride visibility, especially at night. Enjoy your trip with your family now with a quality electric bike.

Why HAOQI Antelope Bike?

Why was the HAOQI Antelope bike recommended among other products? Several criteria confirm the quality and usefulness of this product. These criteria are further highlighted below.

● Efficiency and Comfortability: Comfort should be a top factor when choosing an electric bike for your ride. Make sure you are balanced and stable on the electric bike seat. The level of comfort you get from an electric bike also determines how far you can go. To have maximum fun with the family, ensure the bike is suitable for everybody. Consider customizing your order if you are buying for the little ones in the family. Thus, the HAOQI electric bike meets the efficiency and comfort requirements.

● Affordability: The HAOQI electric bike is one of the few out there that is affordable without compromising on quality. It is relatively cheap, costing about $1,899. When you apply the coupon code, you also get $100 off from purchasing two electric bikes. However, constantly check the website to confirm whether this code is valid.

● Usefulness: The recommended bike model has a high utility rate. This is due to its compatibility with different terrains. Thus, you wouldn't need to worry about buying other bikes for several terrain types. A versatile electric bike can meet the needs of several people, which is the best choice for your family.


A cargo e-bike is a valid alternative to a car for people who need a better mode of transportation. It is reported that most developed countries have adopted cargo bike transportation, especially in European countries. Families can also maximize the bike characteristics by solving the "are cargo bikes practical" puzzle. Also, invest in a quality bike manufacturing brand. Thus, prioritize the recommended brand discussed above while buying a cargo ebike.

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