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Electric cargo bikes have been with us for a long time, and there is no doubt they are here to stay. The ease and convenience they provide riders with lots of luggage make them worth having. These bikes come with extended frames, allowing for bags and large items. The compartment for carrying freight can be converted to an extra saddle to carry a passenger or two if they are kids.

Logistics companies are taking advantage of these cargo bikes to make deliveries; it is usually faster, more convenient, and cheaper. Let's face it, instead of getting a car or a truck to move some items; a cargo bike can do the job at less cost. You might not own a logistics company, but you need to own an electric cargo bike, and this article will explain why.

Haoqi cargo ebike

What are electric cargo bikes?

Essentially an electric bike with a built-in cargo compartment at the front or back, an electric cargo bike is an electric bike. The gearbox and frame have been specifically engineered to carry more weight than a typical bicycle. A flat platform, an open or closed box, or a basket might make up the cargo space. You can pick a model appropriate for carrying everything, including children, dogs, groceries, business deliveries, or even for use as a food cart.

Understanding the specifics and subtleties of an electric cargo bike can initially appear intimidating because they come in so many different shapes, sizes, and variations. The electric version of the traditional cargo cycle, or "cargo bike," is called an "e-cargo bike," it makes moving heavy goods, navigating sloping terrain, and traveling farther and faster simpler. While being as light and environmentally friendly as a bike, they can transport loads comparable to that of a small automobile. E-cargo bikes offer a flexible means of carrying goods without any emissions and without incurring any additional expenses like vehicle taxes or parking.

To put it simply, these are enormous electric-powered cycles with a sizable storage compartment typically mounted at the front or behind the bike to make them easy to move.

haoqi cargo ebike

6 reasons why an electric cargo bike is a must-have


To begin with, the cost of an electric cargo bike is far from that of a car, so you can rest assured that you will only be spending a little money on purchases. There is a saying that you never entirely stop paying for a car. There is some truth in this – because you must pay for something in your vehicle, from maintenance to taxes and parking fees. It just never ends. There is also the constant purchase of gasoline to keep the car running even during scarcity. But it is different for electric cargo bikes. For one, they run on batteries, not gasoline, so you never have to worry about that. Just clean your ebike and get on the road. They can go up to 50 kilometers and easily navigate through crowded areas with a single charge.

Gain more family time:

If you have kids, an electric cargo bike should be on your bucket list if you do not already have one. The Haoqi Antelope Cargo Electric bike has a longer frame that gives you space for extra load in the middle or just behind the saddle. If you need to go out for a spin with your bike and your kid pleads to go with you, don't worry. The extra compartment can be a carrier for your child to sit on while you cycle. This experience will surely tighten the bond between you and your child because you can now spend more time even in an 'e-cargo' situation.

Improves your cycling experience:

Since the invention of bicycles in 1817, we have seen variations and advanced models. Even the design of the electric versions showed us the different shapes and sizes for various purposes. We have mountain bikes, road bikes, and a host of others. If you are a cycling enthusiast, there is every chance that you already have all the different types of e-bikes in your garage. You still need an electric cargo e-bike, and this is an excuse to get one. It gives you a whole different riding experience on your biking tours.

Boost your cardiovascular system:

Just like every other sporting activity, cycling can significantly improve your health. The cardiovascular health benefit you get when your cycle is enough reason to own a bike. The calming, refreshing, and soothing feeling that comes with a surge of energy to face the rest of your day is immeasurable. With a cargo bike, you will likely have some load on your bike while in transit, requiring more strength from you to pedal. Going cycling makes you smarter. This extra effort helps you work your muscles more and gives you more health benefits.

Ensures minimal damage to the climate

If you are a sustainability enthusiast, electric cargo bikes should be your preferred option for transportation. The earth is ours to keep and protect, and professionals worldwide are doing a lot to secure our future. Frankly, we should be helping and not the other way around. Every little effort we put in to prevent the further deterioration of our climate will add up and pay off in the long run. E-bikes run on biodegradable batteries, meaning they do not require gas to move and hence do not emit carbon gases. These biodegradable batteries are also very environmentally friendly because even when they go wrong and need a change, they cause no harm to the environment.


Helps in logistics for big and small businesses:

The Haoqi Antelope Pro Cargo Electric Bike should be your best friend if you are a business owner, regardless of your scale. You can trust your cargo e-bike to get you there in record time by maneuvering traffic when it comes to meeting up for meetings. If you sell goods and need to make a quick delivery, you can also count on your cargo bike to carry the goods and deliver them quickly. The question is, why are you still waiting to get your cargo e-bike?


 Can I ride my electric cargo bike on rocky terrain?

Yes, you can because cargo e-bikes usually come with fat tires to help carry the weight of the heavy load and the pressure of rocky terrains.

 Can I convert my regular e-bike to a cargo e-bike?

Regular e-bikes are not built to carry excess luggage; hence you can only fix a small crate in front of the bike to move a few items.

 Does a cargo e-bike cost more than a regular e-bike?

The cost of purchase of a cargo e-bike is within the same range as that of a regular e-bike, and there are even discounted ones at HAOQI electric bikes.


Electric cargo bikes are the present and the future, and you would want to avoid jumping on the bandwagon too late. Cyclists can now ride for long hours with heavy items without hassles, improving the owners' lifespan and quality of life. It is no surprise because the amount of human effort and energy needed to move heavy items on a cargo e-bike is far lesser than you would need on a regular electric bicycle.

At HAOQI, you can pick from so many affordable options. When you next go shopping or run errands, your e-cargo bike should go on that trip with you. You can always use a helping hand.

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