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During winter, the roads become slippery and wet, which can be quite challenging while riding your electric bicycle. With the drop in temperature, you can often need some motivation to go biking.

It would help if you prepared for the winter before it arrives by getting a Haoqi bike. These bikes have fat tires, allowing you to ride through the snow without hesitation. Since they are water resistant,  they are also suitable for winter riding.

Also, when storing your ebike during the winter, ensure you keep it in a warm place and regularly clean its components. However, most e-bikes are built to withstand below-freezing conditions. As there are things to do for your daily ride, preparing your electric bike for the changes during this period would be best. 

Here are some storing and usage tips for your electric bike this winter.

Haoqi fat tire e bike

Storing and Usage tips for your electric bike in the winter

The risks of inclement weather, lengthy rain or snow, and extremely low temperatures are present during the winter. It's best to store your ebike in a warm place when not in use from the cold during this season. Here are some ways to care for your ebike during the winter:

Clean your ebike after use: 

Just like your car, your electric bike needs routine cleaning. Consequently, you can clean them with warm water and a cloth, but you should avoid using pressurized water, such as what you would get from a pressure washer or a garden hose jet. But it's best to keep your e-bike clean, especially during the winter. The metal component of your electric bike is susceptible to contact with salt and water, which can rust the metal. Also, ensure the ebike is clean and dry after use to prevent corrosion. However, you can also use silicon polish to protect your paint and avoid rust and corrosion.

Store your battery the right way: 

A bike's primary accessory is its lithium-ion battery. Detaching an e-bike battery from the bike is the best way to store it. Batteries must be kept dry, warm, and out of the freezing atmosphere. The ideal room temperature range is between 32 and 104 degrees. Taking care of your battery can extend its life and protect its ability to hold a charge. Over time, batteries lose capacity and store less amount of charge.

Keep your electric bike in a dry place:

A garage or a basement is the best place to keep an electric bicycle during the winter. If you must store it outside, ensure you use a protective plastic covering to protect the bike's body from harsh weather conditions. Although most Haoqi bikes are waterproof, it's still good to keep them out of the elements by storing them in an excellent, dry location such as a basement, garage, or shed.

Ensure you check the weather forecast: 

Winter weather can be unpredictable. So you should check the weather forecast before heading out. Although you may want to ride your e-bike in the cold, there are a few things to consider. Your battery and tires might be affected by freezing conditions. However, a bike with fat tires is suitable if you wish to ride in the snow. These tires increase traction, and you can also use tires with spikes.

Keep an eye on the temperature:

Even in temperatures below zero, electric bikes can still operate, although it's not ideal. Electronics are delicate, so just because they can work at this temperature does not mean they should. Below 32 degrees, electronics operate less effectively, and batteries start to lose their charge more quickly, lowering mileage once the temperature reaches 32 degrees or lower. If it gets too cold outside, it can damage the battery cells in an e-bike, which means you won't have a battery till you reach home and may even need to buy a new one.

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Ebike accessories for winter riding


You want to ride with visibility in the rain or when it gets dark. Ensure your e-bike has both front and back lights so you can see where you're going and be visible to other road users. 

Elbow & knee pads: 

Water can make roads and trails slick and slippery, and ice is a significant hazard in the winter. As many drivers know, black ice is one road hazard you should avoid. Having knee and elbow pads will come in handy.


If you're wearing an ebike helmet, your ears are protected. This additional layer of protection stops cold air from entering your ears, keeping you healthy and preventing cold-related illnesses. Cycling in the Winter shouldn't even warrant thinking about using an e-bike helmet.

Rear-view mirror: 

Rear-view mirrors improve road safety for you and others. Rear-view mirrors on bikes assist the rider in observing the traffic behind them and improve awareness of their surroundings.

Why is the Haoqi bike best for riding in the winter?

Haoqi has some of the best off-road electric bikes to perform admirably on snow. These bicycles have a 750-watt geared hub motor that offers surprising power on pavement and trails. This enables quick accelerations when needed on steep slopes or treacherous paths.

The Haoqi Black Leopard Fat Tire Electric Bike gives you quality performance in the snow, but it can also tackle challenging terrains like sand and mud. It has a strong motor and four-inch tires. Getting on the Haoqi Black Leopard will give you the confidence you need to navigate snow and ice.

The bike is also competent in muddy and sunny paths, in addition to snowy conditions. You can take a leisurely ride on the Leopard or use it as transport for outdoor excursions like hunting and fishing. The bike's 350 lb maximum weight capacity is also suitable for camping. It can accommodate all of your equipment and then some.


Can I store my electric bike outside in the cold?

When riding your ebike below 30F, your battery can be a bit warm, but when you are not, it can get frozen and affect its performance. Instead, you should store your electric bike in a garage or remove your battery and store it in a place with room temperature.

Can my ebikes rust during winter?

Electric bikes are more prone to corrosion, rust, and moisture during the winter. However, the snow and ice can damage your ebike's frame and the braking system if you stay in a cold environment. During this season, it's best to clean and store your ebike in a warm place.


During winter, the weather impacts your electric bike's durability and maintenance. However, this period is an excellent time to see how the temperature changes in the winter. Every rider should develop the habit of properly storing and caring for their e-bike. You will benefit from your investment if you do this for many years. Apart from caring for your ebike, you should also take some safety measures and obey local cycling laws. Also, protect yourself from the cold weather by wearing warm clothes and protective gear. With these tips, you can keep both you and your electric bicycle safe and functional until the weather warms up again.

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