Since 2014, we've been a technology company dedicated to creating the most cost-effective electric bikes. We've conducted extensive research and testing to  ensure the safety and reliability of our ebikes, and we're proud to say that our ebikes are some of the best on the market. Since launching in 2016, we've  expanded across the USA and are proud to be contributing to the next generation of transportation.

HAOQI, a brand dedicated to environmental conservation, stands for Harmony And Organic Quality Innovations. Our founder and CEO, Lemmy, is a true environmentalist who leads by example, practicing a low-carbon green lifestyle daily. He firmly believes that promoting and using electric bicycles (e-bikes) can significantly contribute to protecting our planet.

The core value of HAOQI lies in advocating green travel, with a strong emphasis on electric bicycles as an essential means of eco-friendly transportation. We believe everyone can participate in environmental protection by riding an electric bicycle. HAOQI's electric bicycles feature efficient electric systems and renewable materials, helping users reduce carbon emissions and minimize environmental impact.

The goal of HAOQI is to become a representative of green and liberating electric cycling. We hope to encourage more people to choose green travel options, reduce carbon emissions, and protect the Earth through the promotion of electric bicycles. We firmly believe that every individual can make a difference through their efforts and contribute to creating a better future for the next generation.

As an environmentalist, Lemmy is committed to integrating the green concept into all aspects of HAOQI. He encourages the team to develop high-quality, high-performance electric bicycles through innovative design and technology, meeting the demand for green travel. HAOQI's products prioritize sustainability and environmental friendliness, striving to minimize the consumption of natural resources in materials selection and manufacturing processes.

During a journey, the founder met an elderly man who was ill. The man shared that as he grew older, he became increasingly breathless after walking a few steps, yet he didn't want to burden his family. He longed to be alone, away from the hustle and bustle, to meditate in the wilderness, forests, or on the beach, seeking the long-lost feelings of freedom and tranquility.

The brand values of HAOQI are reflected in providing a reliable, comfortable, and eco-friendly riding experience. Our electric bicycles possess outstanding performance and incorporate intelligent technology, offering convenient riding modes and personalized user experiences. We believe that a green future requires a combination of innovation and quality, so we continuously pursue technological advancements and strive to meet user demands.

This story deeply touched the founder of HAOQI. He realized that the elderly man's desire was not isolated, and many people were deprived of the opportunity to hike, explore, and experience freedom due to health issues. Therefore, they decided to develop a cost-effective, all-terrain fat tire electric bicycle aimed at helping these individuals regain their freedom and joy.

Our team dedicated significant time and effort to developing an electric bicycle capable of overcoming various terrain challenges. We chose a fat tire design to provide better stability and traction, enabling users to navigate rugged mountain trails, muddy paths, and sandy coastlines effortlessly.

However, the pursuit of the HAOQI team extends beyond functionality alone. We merge design and aesthetics into our products, creating a unique and captivating appearance. Each HAOQI electric bicycle undergoes meticulous design, paying attention to details and providing users with a comfortable and stylish riding experience.

HAOQI electric bicycles are more than just a means of transportation; they symbolize hope and change. They offer a unique choice for those facing health challenges yet unwilling to give up their freedom.

By choosing HAOQI, you embark on a journey of miracles. Let us assist those eager to reclaim their freedom, allowing them to experience the joy and infinite possibilities of cycling.