Why should you buy HAOQI E-bike?

  As we know, The whole world is under severe circumstance. We need to  cope with Covid-19 and the influence of it. Because of the long term of the Covid-19, our economy and life styles have been changed. Here are some reasons why you should buy HAOQI E-bike.

1. The Global Trend

Abroad: The whole world under Covid-19 is facing the situation of depreciation. At the same time, riding  e-bike becomes a global trend, especially HAOQI e-bike. Buy a HAOQI E-bike is a good choice. The cost of e-bikes are increasing. The effects of the pandemic are coming near an end! Time to ride.

At home: With an increasing number of people riding e-bikes, several states have published laws and regulations which prove that government among states think highly of this kind of traffic modes.

 How to ask someone in public to put a mask on—while avoiding conflict (and droplets)

 2. Protect environment 

 Protect our environment: HAOQI e-bike owns 3 modes. Pedal mode, pedal assist model and electric mode. Without burning oil or fuel, it’s environmental- friendly and emission-free.


3. Save money:

(1) We all know a full tank of gas is expensive and even if it’s a fuel efficient machine, the costs still add up over time. However, e-bike needs electricity only. Therefore, we can save a large amount of money by riding e-bike.  

(2) HAOQI E-bike now is only $1499 with $100 discount. The price of HAOQI E-bike is much cheaper than a car.

(3) Car repairing costs hundreds of pounds. In the USA, the average family spends roughly 1.5% of their yearly income on car repairs. E-bike repairs are much cheaper. The broken rate of HAOQI e-bike is very low, almost under 1%. We have 2 years warranty.

4. Enjoy beautiful scenery 

Enjoy beautiful scenery: Spring is coming. Spring and Summer are suitable for us to go outside to come close to nature and enjoy the beautiful scenery with our family. Therefore, we can go with family by riding HAOQI e-bikes. After staying at home with no fresh air, we are eagerly to brace nature. Have a rest and go to see the beautiful scenery. HAOQI E-bike enables you to enjoy sunshine and enjoy your own life. You can ride your e-bike to go fishing, take adventures and many other interesting activities. 

5. Easy to park.

Easy to go through the lanes: HAOQI E-bike is easy to park without congestion. From one hand, we can’t reach too far on foot. However, HAOQI estimate reaches 35 to 60 miles. It’s a wise choice to ride an e-bike rather than go on foot. From the other hand, There are many lanes our car can’t reach. Our car is not suitable to drive deep into the forest. Therefore, it’s much suitable to ride an e-bike.

 6.Keep fit  

It’s time to stay fine and keep fit. We all know that over-exercise will do harm to us. The wrong way of exercising such as the repetitive of pedaling may lead to knee pain or other injuries. Therefore, we design 3 modes to help you exercise correctly. Biking is inclined to reduce risk of disease such as heart disease, diabetes and arthritic. Besides, it’s effective to maintain body shape. Adhere to go cycling at least half an hour every day, which will help you reduce fatigue, improve reaction and memory and make your thinking more sensitive.

 7. Other reasons

  • It is much safer than a car. Most accidents between cyclists and motorists occur at intersections. There is no arguing with facts, and the facts prove that cycling is a safe alternative to cars.
  • As a cyclist, a steep incline is a nightmare. We dislike climb a hill because we are afraid of exhausted. HAOQI E-bike can avoid this awkward situation. Our motor is 750W high speed brushless geared motor. We can climb hills, slopes with easy.
  • Avoid congestion.
  • It's fun!!! Summer is coming. Why not to have a rest and enjoy your life?

So what can you do?

  The main issue is to decide if you want or need to buy an e-bike this season. 

  If you need to buy an e-bike, the most important strategy is to buy it soon before the peak season hits. Complete your research and tap into your biking network of friends for advice you trust.




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