HAOQI Ebike Pet Trailer [electric bike] [HAOQI ebike]
HAOQI Ebike Pet Trailer [electric bike] [HAOQI ebike]

HAOQI Ebike Pet Trailer

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Ebike Pet Trailer for Small Dogs with Safety Leash, Weather-Strong Bike Wagon Trailer Sidecar Attachment.


Safe Design: The dog cart has double safety features to keep your baby and furry friend visible in low-light and at a distance. The red flag and reflector protect and draw attention to the cart, while a leash and sturdy tow-bar and frame tube ensure security.


Easy Entry, Ventilation, and Weather-Strong Fabric: Your dog can easily enter through the zipped door and stick their head out of the skylight to enjoy the breeze through the spacious sunroof. The durable and weather-strong water-resistant oxford fabric protects them from sun and rain.


Off-Road: With wheels that are off-road friendly, you can cover soft ground in the outdoors without worry. The wheels are quick-release, which makes it very convenient to store this cat and dog bike trailer in smaller spaces.


Pull Trailer Information: Overall Dimensions (with/without Bar): 50.75" L x 21.75" W x 36.25"/26.5" H, Car Internal Dimensions: 24.5" L x 16.25" W x 19.75" H. Weight Capacity: within 22 lbs. Body Length: within 17.75". Shoulder Height: within 11.75".


  • Material
Alloy Steel
  • Item Dimensions 
LxWxH: 50.75 x 21.75 x 36.25 inches
  • Item Weight
20 Pounds
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation
66 Pounds
  • Maximum Height Recommendation
36.25 Inches


Compatible with all HAOQI electric bikes