Haoqi E-bike Accessories Buying Guide in 2023- HAOQI Ebike

To enjoy your electric bike ride, you should take some accessories with you. These accessories will contribute to your smooth ride and provide any assistance you may need. They will also improve your ride safety and balance. Thus, this article has compiled the top Haoqi e-bike accessories you may consider buying in 2023.

HAOQI fat tire electric bike

Integrated Molding Riding Helmet

This HAOQI ebike helmet  design is different and unique from the regular ebike helmet. It is also designed with improved technology, such as EPS foam, serving as a shock-absorbing material. It is perfect for several users, as riders can adjust the helmet to fit into their heads. Thus, persons with head sizes between 57 and 63cm can wear this helmet.

HAOQI Ebike Headlight

If riding the Haoqi leopard model, you should also get a compatible headlight. A HAOQI electric bike headlight  is necessary to improve your ride visibility, especially in a desert or mountaineering. It supplies sufficient and super bright light, efficiently riding through dark paths. The headlight is also easy to install, as you can follow the simple instructions in the manufacturer's guide.

750W Brushless Gear Hub Motor

A hub motor is primarily typical in modern electric bikes. It is also an essential component in an e-bike, and any slight damage can cause poor performance. Thus, you must make sure to choose a motor that is most compatible with your electric bike. For instance, the 750W brushless gear hub motor capacity is ideal for Green Leopard and Haoqi Black models.

Antelope Rear Mounted Basket

A rear-mounted ebike basket is designed to make your ride easier. You can place your extra luggage or items in the basket as you move to different locations. Thus, it is perfect for grocery shopping and running a few errands. However, it would be best if you were careful of overloading the electric bike. Understand the maximum load capacity of your e-bike, and make sure not to go beyond it. The Antelope product weighs about 4.2 lb and is ideal for the Antelope electric bikes. You may speak to an expert on the best-recommended rear-mounted basket size or other information about bike accessories.

50L Pannier Commuting Bag

This commuting bag is designed with a waterproof material, making it ideal for winter rides. It also has a reflective logo that helps riders to see while riding at night clearly. The bag does not only help you to convey your belongings but also has a rain cover that protects your item. Whether you are riding in summer or winter, you need this item.

Stainless Steel Roller Chain

A stainless steel chain is one of the bike accessories you need to have. However, ensure you buy a high-quality ebike chain that requires minimal maintenance. Generally, chains need frequent lubrication, so you should check your users' manual for maintenance tips. If you buy from Haoqi electric bike manufacturing brand, you can get a free stainless steel chain. More interestingly, this stainless steel is compatible with all models of Haoqi electric bicycles.

Full Fenders

Fenders are ideal for riding in rough terrain to keep off dirt and debris. Thus, it is perfect for anyone who wants to experience a clean and relaxed ride. Always consider high-quality fenders, usually made from durable PVC and stainless steel. However, some manufacturing brands, such as Haoqi, typically provide their electric bike customers free fenders. Thus, you can get one if riding any Haoqi models.

Adjustable E-bike Rearview Mirror

A rearview ebike mirror is essential to increase your ride awareness or the presence of other road users. It helps you to notice other riders from behind you quickly. However, you should highly consider rearview mirrors with modern specifications such as adjustability. The rearview from Haoqi is made with 180° rotatable glass. This improves riders' safety and allows them to quickly disseminate and replace with another rearview mirror.

360° Rotation Bike Phone Mount

Many people today are inseparable from their phones. The good news is that you can always take your phone along with you for a ride. Haoqi has designed a rotation bike phone mount to meet several customers' needs. This phone mount can hold phone sizes between 4.0-7.0 inches. It is easy to install, and you only need to mount it on your handlebar. Thus, ensure the handlebar is rigid enough to hold your phone mount.

Racing Gloves Dirt Bike Touch-Screen

It would be best to have a breathable racing glove that keeps you warm and protects your skin while riding. It would help if you avoided gloves made with thick materials that will affect your comfort. Thus, consider gloves made with a fiber material. The Haoqi glove provides comfort and enhances riders' grip on the handlebar. It is also made with silicon protection that protects your hand from damage whenever you hit or reach down a hilly place. You can wear your glove and touch mobile or device screens. You do not need to worry about taking off your gloves.

HAOQI S700 LCD Display

Installing an LCD on your electric bike is essential for riders who want to update themselves about their ride condition. It helps to monitor your speed, range covered, and battery level. With this display, you can adjust these elements to your preference. The HAOQI LCDs are of different types, as you can also find the GD06 version, which has another design. 

Black Leopard Battery Pack

The Haoqi battery is built with lithium-ion cells, a better option than the old lead-acid battery. This electric bike battery is also removable, making it easy for riders to cover a long range. They can easily replace a drained electric bike battery with another one. Even though batteries are known to add to electric bike weight, the Black Leopard Battery weighs 9.0 lb, which is of reasonable size.

HAOQI Fat Tire Bike

Fat tire bikes are ideal for people riding through rough terrain or wet and snowy grounds. It provides enough traction and support while riding without slipping off. The fat tires also hold low rolling resistance, holding it firmly to the ground. Before choosing a fat tire bike for 2023, check its compatibility. This is because manufacturers have recently introduced new and unique models. For instance, the 20" tire is compatible with Haoqi Antelope, and the 26" tire is for Haoqi Black Leopard, White Leopard, and Cheetah models.

HAOQI E-bike Battery Key

If you live in a congested city with a high crime rate, you need to protect your electric bike. Since most modern e-bikes are now foldable and portable, they are prone to theft. It would be best if you had a premium key to safeguard your electric bike. It would be best if you also considered getting a key for your electric bike battery. You may contact the Haoqi customer team if you lost your key and need a replacement. You will be required to provide your battery number for reference purposes.

Warm Riding Trapper Hat

A trapper hat is one of the essential e-bike accessories you need for winter riding. It helps keep your face warm and comfortable under extreme weather. It would help if you considered getting a trapper hat with a lining for maximum comfort and support. Thus, this article recommends getting a riding trapper hat made with polyester. They are usually wind and waterproof and also durable. The adjustable trapper hat from Haoqi is also of more significant advantage. It makes it the ideal choice for different head circumferences.

Warm Cycling Gloves

Here is one of the free electronic bike accessories you get from buying a Haoqi product. Make sure to choose a reflective material to boost your visibility while riding at night. You may also consider a waterproof and skin-friendly fabric. If you can keep your hand warm, it will improve your grip on the handlebar and provide much stability.


E-bike accessories are as necessary as the electric bike itself. However, the quality of bike accessories will also determine the extent to which you enjoy them. You may also read about how to use the accessories effectively. Consider your needs while making a choice. Beyond the functionality, consider how some bike accessories, such as the electrical bike helmet design, suit your taste.

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