How to Choose An Reliable E-bike Motor? | HAOQI Ebike

As we all know, the motor is the most critical part of all kinds of moving wheels,so as all the e-bikes. The motor should be beefy and reliable enough to survive all kinds of situations,because once it’s down,and you will need to drag this huge metal bulky by your own feet and strength,and it is literary a nightmare.


So here’s the problem for you. Is a rear hub driving motor more reliable and better for beginners? Let’s find out by detailing the pros and cons of both of these motors.

These are the most common e-bikes you can see on the road, with a hub on the rear wheel. You can see many HAOQI e-bikes  get these constructions. As the Leopard Series, Antelope and Cheetah. So it’s time to dig into the pros and cons of these rear hub drives.


As there are many benefits you can get from a rear-hub driving ebike, we just collect some of them to present:



  • More room for stylish designs!


For rear hubs, it really doesn’t need too much space to conceal too much electric elements into the bike, so you’re more likely to find a rear hub driving e-bike just as the ones that looks like the normal bikes.(Actually,you can even modify a normal bike to a rear hub driving e-bike)




  • Its peppy! Twist & go!


Rear hub driving e-bikes works more like a normal rear wheel drive car.You can just twist the throttle and feel the pushing effect that rear hub provides just like rocket propulsion. Trust me, that’s whole lots of fun.




  • You can go so smooth, even without the chain!


This is a really great improvement when you’re driving an e-bike with rear-hub.You will have a free choice between pedaling or throttle driving. If you’re tired or just don’t want to pedal, then just stop your feet and twist the throttle, the chains of your fat tire electric bike  can rest,and so as your feet. The rear hub will do all the jobs. In extreme situations, such as broken chains, it’s only the rear-hub driven e-bikes can take you home safely.



As all coins has two sides, there’s also a few cons on these rear hubs.Yes, you might noticed that, it’s their weight that drags you.The biggest difference from rear hub driving e-bikes to normal mountain ebikes  is the heavier back wheel. With the rear hub mounted, the rear wheel of this kind of an e-bike is heavier than the normal ones.And they’re not that easy to make some DIY mods on your rear wheel. Plus, you will need a little bit time to get used to the change of the barycentre when you’re going off-road with these bikes.



After these, it seems you’re going through the whole pros & cons comparison of an rear-hub-driving e-bike. But there’s more features of our HAOQI E-bikes!Our bikes does not only have this rear-hub driving feature, you can also use the 5-level pedal assist to go further on your own foot!




With the 7-speed Shimano gears and cassets, you can enjoy these e-bikes as a normal mountain bike, but in a more relaxed way!We got all the features that a mountain bike gets. Spring front folks, disc brakes, derailleurs, even full-suspension design! Name it and we will make it!




We really hope this article can help you to make the decision of getting yourself a first & reliable choice to enter the world of e-bikes. Thanks for reading this, and let’s meet next time!

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