6 Must-Know Tips When Buying Your First E-bike- HAOQI Ebike

If this is your first time buying an e bike, you may need guidance about choosing the best option. This is primarily due to the availability of several manufacturing brands that offer similar services. However, some manufacturers produce unique and innovative electric bikes more than others. It is expedient that you recognize your needs and demands to select the best electric bike.

Buying an electric bike is a costly decision. This form of commute system is healthy and environmentally friendly. Thus, choosing the right electric bike benefits the users and society. While there has been a high demand for healthy travel since the pandemic was over, it is best to understand electric bike classifications. Most states set their e-bike regulations according to the categories or classes. However, this e-bike buying guide further explains how to buy an electric bike and the possible types you will come across while shopping.

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Understanding the Three Classes of Electric Bikes

Electric bike classification is mainly based on the level of motor assistance. Once you identify the level of aid you need from your electric bike motor, you can choose the suitable class of e-bike for you.

● Class One: The class one electric bike has a pedal assist but no throttle feature. The maximum speed is also 20 mph, including when you pedal through the ride. Class one electric bikes are globally acceptable and are suitable for mountain bike trails. Most new riders often get familiar with the class one electric bike due to its affordability and accessibility.

● Class Two: Class two electric bikes also have a maximum speed limit of 20 mph so that they can be found in the exact location as class one. However, they have both throttle and pedal-assist mechanisms.

● Class Three: Riders using electric bikes in this category can reach a maximum speed of 28 mph. However, they only operate with the pedal-assist mechanism. They are ideal for daily commuting and riding in hilly areas. Before choosing this electric bike class, you should take extra time as a beginner. The type three electric bikes are ideal for transporting heavy loads.

Before buying a bike, consider your state regulations regarding licensing and land management rules. You also want to check the age limit, which may vary with your riding speed. Most states mandate that riders wear helmets to ensure maximum security.

Choosing a High-Quality Battery

The range you cover on daily commuting will determine the needed battery capacity on a single charge. This information is usually provided in the manufacturers' guide, or you may enquire via the website. For instance, Haoqi e bike states the range covered by every bike model on its website. Examples are the Dual Battery Cargo Electric Bike and Eagle Long Range Electric Bike, which cover 80 and 75 miles, respectively.

In knowing how to choose an electric bike, you must gather adequate information about the battery performance, including the charging duration. An average battery should charge between three and five hours fully. If it takes longer for a battery to charge fully or is extremely slow, the cells are probably not in good condition.

You should take an extra charger with you if the battery will likely drain before reaching your destination. Thus, it is vital to buy an electric bike with a removable battery that is easily replaceable. External batteries are considered the best choice for a beginner.

Choosing the Best Type of Motor

The motor is a critical component of an electric bike and one of the essential factors in the electric bike buying guide. Motors exist in different types, which are mid-drive and hub motors. The difference exists in the locations and performance. Hub motors are usually present in the rear wheel, and mid-drive motors are situated at the bottom bracket region. The hub motor is the most common, as it propels the rider forward once the pedal assist is applied. However, its popularity does not make it as efficient as mid-drive motors. Mid-drive motors are the perfect choice for riding uphill and are much easier to replace than hub motors. However, hub motors are highly recommended for beginners due to their affordability.

It would be best if you also considered the electric bike's power before you buy an electric bike. The higher the power, the higher the speed you ride. However, this may drain the battery faster and reduce the electric bike range. If you want to ride long distances, buy an electric bike with low power output. However, consider up to a 500-watt motor power if you are riding uphill.

Electric bike motor torque is an aspect people barely emphasize when knowing how to choose an electric bike. A torque measurement in newton meters (N m) varies based on the pedal-assist level. However, the typical torque range should be between 40 N m and 80 N m.

Consider Electric Bikes Accessories

Accessories are essential to electric bike riding, and they can ensure you have a smooth experience. If this is your first electric bike and you ride at night, your safety should be a top priority. Meanwhile, most manufacturers integrate these accessories into their electric bikes. Thus, you may only worry about accessories you want to add for extra comfort. The standard integrated additions and the functions are further highlighted below.


Lighting is a necessary accessory for night riding or when the weather is unclear during winter. It also helps for city rides when exploring summer trips and experiences. The light should also be appropriately installed and bright so that other road users will be aware of your presence.


Racks are usually built at an electric bike's front or back region. You may also buy an external rank that you can fix to the front area of the electric bike. It allows you to transport items quickly and keep your backpack manageable. You should also ensure the rack is the right fit for your electric bike. Things such as drinking water, snacks, or other food items, can be placed inside the rack. It is also a commonly built-in cargo electric bike for transporting heavy objects.

Smartphone Integration

In this modern age, you want to monitor your electric bike performance as much as possible. Since electric bicycles are flexible, they are prone to theft, but these security features can help protect them. Some manufacturers built mobile applications that can be connected to an electric bike. You can unlock your electric bike seamlessly from the mobile app. You may also fix a bike lock to the frame region. It will alert you during a theft incident. Installing a GPS will also allow you to track the electric bike when stolen.

LCD Display

LCD is usually installed in the handlebar to monitor your activities. You can know the ebike battery life and distance covered through the LCD.

Choose a Well Fitting Electric Bike

The highlight of an e bike buying guide is comfort and convenience. You need an electric bike that provides adequate stability without tripping off the seat while riding. Identifying its maximum body weight and height is a perfect way to understand if your electric bike fits you. You will find the top weight inscription on the electric bike package, which may include extra luggage. If you buy the Dual Battery Cargo Electric Bike, you should know that the maximum weight capacity is 350 lbs. You may also explore other choices on the Haoqi e bike website.

It would be best if you considered a lightweight electric bike that you can quickly move around and maneuver during traffic. This is important, primarily when your company supports employees parking electric bikes in the workspace. This is usually done to help the adoption of electric bikes in promoting earth sustainability. The frame size should also fit into your hand to support your upper body. Consider seeking out recommendations from experts in the electric bike industry.

Consider Your Budget

An e-bike buying guide is complete with considering the price factor. The price of electric bikes varies with quality, while the top-tier ones are usually more expensive. However, you can still get an electric bike at a reasonable price that meets your needs. Research the average market price to ensure you are getting the best offer. Avoid low prices or offers that seem too good to be through. Unfortunately, online scams keep blooming as electric bike adoption also increases.

Your needs should also determine how much you are ready to invest in an electric bike. If you are using it for cycling competitions, consider the highly functional electric bike models. Thus, do not hesitate to invest in an electric bike when necessary. An electric bike with ease of maintenance is an added advantage. However, please confirm the warranty service provided by the manufacturing company. The company should be responsible for any issue that results from technical errors.

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