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The effect of cycling on body shape is evident, which also reflects in cyclists' mental state and overall well-being. It also helps to reduce weight by burning excessive calories as sweat. Doctors highly recommend cycling to individuals with a poor cardiovascular system. This form of exercise is believed to improve blood flow to vital areas in the body.

Several questions make people doubt the effect of cycling on body fitness. This particular question is common; "is riding a bike good exercise?" The reason for this rampant question is that for most people, weight loss can only be achieved when it involves rigorous exercises, such as squatting. On the other hand, cycling encourages people who have given up on activity due to financial incapability or insufficient time.

Since commuting is a necessary activity, people can maximize the opportunity and choose to cycle to work or another daily task. If you feel lazy to engage in physical exercise, you can upgrade your commute mode to an electric bike. You do not need to exert much pressure, especially when you apply the power from pedal-assist electric bikes. While cycling with an electric bike, the pressure tones your upper body and thigh region. Other effects of cycling on body fitness are further discussed in this article.

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What is Cycling?

Before moving on, what is cycling? Cycling is a form of exercise mostly carried out on a bike. It helps to strengthen the muscles and boost their connectivity, especially in the lower body region. This exercise is also not restricted to any location and can be done indoors and outdoors. However, consider the local indoor cycling rules regarding speed and power output.

Muscle Areas Where Cycling Tone

Cycling requires patience, as it works on each body part. Thus, there are certain muscle areas where cycling impact is more evident.


The triceps and biceps on the arm respond to the pressure exerted on the handlebar. For this to be highly effective, you need a well-balanced e bike. If your hand often trips off, you may not achieve the expected good result.


The cycling effect on the arm region also extends to the shoulder. The shoulder muscles, known as Deltoids, are also strengthened during cycling.


When you pedal an electric bike, the foot sends pressure, which is exerted on the hips, thigh, and calf. Even though the feet are less visible to many, riding an electric bike directly affects them.


As your thigh moves back and forth during motion, it also reflects on the buttocks muscles. This is why riders can paddle with their feet effortlessly.

Effect of Cycling on the Body Shape

The cycling effect varies with body type, so not everyone will respond to it similarly. However, cycling will inevitably impact an individual's body after a long time. Thus, focusing on your body and the most affected areas would be best. Now, to the question, does biking burn belly fat?

Even though individuals react differently to cycling, you can mold it to meet your needs. You need to target your abdominal muscles while riding and make sure you feel your core engaged. You may also consult professional suggestions about achieving an abdominal workout. A professional will not only answer the question, "is riding a bike good exercise"? You will also get customized recommendations for the most suitable bike type.

Research has revealed the following effects as the most common relationship between cycling and body fitness.

Develops the Lower Body Muscle

Many people ask, "what is cycling" because they seem to get different exercise intensities from the various definitions. The truth is cycling is not restricted to a particular speed or power input as long as the body is engaged. It requires no specific skill and is considered a passive exercise that yields rapid results in the lower body muscle. It does not matter how long you have cycled last; you can always pick it up.

The lower body region, including the calves, buttocks, and thighs, are actively involved in exercise while riding. The effect is usually simultaneous, as the muscles are linked together. Thus, cycling also boosts muscle connectivity in these regions. It also increases your muscle endurance level to achieve a perfectly toned body. You do not need to ride long before feeling the burning sensations in your lower body region. If you ride uphill or at a faster rate indoors, you can still achieve your body fitness goal.

You need not worry about injuring your legs or any part of your lower body while cycling. Research has revealed that people are more likely to sustain injury from running and other rigorous exercises than cycling. Thus, doctors encourage people suffering from stiffness in their lower body region to adopt electric bikes as their commute mode.

Getting a Flat Stomach

Almost every cyclist's ultimate body fitness goal is to get a flat stomach. Even though a flat stomach cannot be achieved through cycling alone, it plays a significant role. While riding, you burn significant fat, especially at low intensity. The truth is, riding at high intensity does not guarantee a fast result. Riders will wear out quickly, taking longer to convert the reserved energy.

You can enhance your flat stomach by practicing cross-training. Engage in other minor exercises to support the cycling activity. You may also practice wall workouts such as climbing, descending, and pulling. Consider cycling at intervals, so you do not experience frequent stomach pain. This will help you to find balance while riding and adjust accordingly. While at this, you will feel the pressure in your stomach and a stretch.

Supports Weight Loss

If you are ever asked, "what muscles does a bike work for"? It would be best if you understood the list goes beyond the body parts mentioned above. Cycling does not only affect the stomach but can also be used for a full-body workout. Research shows that cycling can yield up to 1000 calories. It helps to achieve weight loss without an extreme diet routine. Thus, people who find it hard to be religious with diets can try the cycling approach.

While cycling, the body exerts more energy than usual. When the body has enough oxygen, it will support blood flow. Meanwhile, power is needed to consume the required amount of oxygen.

Promotes Brain Health

Cycling also promotes the cognitive and cardiovascular systems of the body. Older people are encouraged to cycle a lot to reduce the risks associated with dementia. The brain is healthier when engaged in nature, without forcing study or school work. When riders are pleased with their natural environment, they tend to keep the memories longer. This way, the brain is trained to be retentive.

The brain also boosts the internal body shape by reducing cardiovascular-related diseases. The heart is strengthened as it withstands high blood pressure and stroke. People who do not participate in physical exercises are more likely to experience heart-related problems.

Tones the Arm

Cycling does affect not only the lower region of the body but also the upper part. The arm muscles, triceps, biceps, and deltoids, are trained while cycling. This is particularly true in hilly areas, where you must exert extra force for stability and balance. This will also improve your body posture and resistance against body pains in the upper part of the body.

Cycling in Men and Women

Hopefully, you now have the answer to the question; "does biking burn belly fat." However, remember that the time frame it takes to lose weight differs between men and women. The delay in women's exercise effect is due to hormonal changes. This means a woman will have to cycle more to achieve the same result as the male gender. Also, cycling effects begin with the leg, so it usually takes a while to see the impact on the whole body mass.

Muscle development and toning are also faster in men than in women. This is also because women hold some excess body fat. In most cases, a woman will need to ride 4x weekly for an extra 60 minutes to see the same results as men.


Keeping fit has become the obsession of many people in society today. As a result, they fall into the error of using unhealthy concoctions and drugs to aid weight loss. Meanwhile, weight loss can be achieved through one of the healthiest means, cycling. Cycling poses no side effects and is an inexpensive alternative to a gym routine. However, the perfect body shape is best achieved by combining cycling with a recommended diet routine from your doctor or dietician.

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