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Riding an e-bike is nothing more complicated as riding a normal bike. But do you know even normal bikes requires a routine inspection before every time you ride on? It’s quite simple to do a quick inspection for your e-bike by just walking around and follow a list of checkboxes. There’s a simple “MAAAD” rule you should follow in case you became mad while there’s something bad happened to your bike.

Make Sure Theyre Full

    Always make sure there are two parts should be full on your e-bike. The first thing is your electric bike battery and the second one should be your tires.

    In order to maintain the most efficiency and comfort riding experience, you should check your tire pressure regularly, Here’s a simple rule for you. With higher pressure and thinner tire, you will need to charge the tire more recently; on the contrast, with a fat tire e bike, you can recharge the tires after an week or two. Don’t take this too serious, just make sure the tire is in good shape and not flat. Your bike will help to deal with the road.


    HAOQI E-bikes are all equipped with durable and efficient batteries that can last long.

    Please check the battery before every time you’re riding the bike. With each charging cycle, the bike should be able to reach around 35 - 100 miles according to many aspects including the types of the electric bike and road condition. Make sure not to charge your battery under or exceed the standard voltage range marked on the charger. This will not only damage your battery but also can be a threat to your own safety. Too low voltage could cause you too long to charge the battery and too high voltage could melt down the fuse even burn out the battery or even your properties.

    Once you’ve checked the tires and the battery, it’s time for you to move to next level.

    Adjust The Height

      It’s not a daily routine for you to adjust the height, but it can really help you to get a better experience while riding the bike.

      Grab the front brake and swing your leg over the seat, it’s quite simple for you to ride on the bike. But before that you should make sure you have adjusted your seats to the suitable height.

      Man holding haoqi ebike standing

      Nobody wants to ride on a bike and found it’s not able to touch the ground with your feet. Also we don’t want a seat too low that felt like being locked up in a tiny box. A suitable height can help you to ride with a comfortable position and make sure the control is nimble and swift .

      Make sure you can stretch your arms and legs while on the bike as normal, and also make sure you can put your feet on the ground once you’re stopped. You’ll need to make sure you can have your full sole touch the ground or at least your tip-toe. By adjusting the height of your seat-post and the handle bar to find out the best riding position for you.

      Plus, don’t forget to tighten the tube clamp from time to time. Make sure it won’t slip while you’re riding on the bike. It’s quite important for every riders if you don’t want to hurt your own bottom.

      Are The Brakes Working?

        Brakes are the most important safety secure on your e-bike, you should make sure you have checked it every time before you ride on the road. E-bike brakes are not like normal bikes. There are extra wires that used for cutting the power off while you’re braking.

        You’ll need to make sure the brakes are at proper tightness and the functions are going well. Before test the functions on the road, you can lift up the rear wheel and twist the throttle a little bit to check if the ebike wheels are turning freely. By listening to any squeaking or weird sound you can judge if the brakes are working in normal condition or not.

        Ride on the bike and twist the throttle to get the bike go forward slowly and use the brake to see if it’s working normal. And take care if there’s any strange noise while riding. Check the shape of your brake disc to see if it’s aligned and flat.

        If all the above is okay, then you’re good to go.

        Are Hub Wheels Aligning?

          The ebike motor is like the heart of your e-bike cause all the powers are from here. So make sure you have checked this part before you hit the road.

          You’ll need to check the wire connection of the bike. Check out every wire is connected tight and in good shape. Pay attention to every visible cracks or dents on the wire and bike frame. If the rear axle(which connected to the rear hub motor) is not in the right direction, you will find the bike frame on the rear will wear out very soon and not be able to hold the axle in place. This will be the last problem you’ll want to meet.

          Dont forget Your Own Safety!

            Your own safety should be put in first place while riding the bike, make sure you have all the gears equipped while you’re about to hit the road.

            First of all, check all the wiring, make sure they’re connected tight and correct. Then Walk around to check if there’s anything loosen or not attached to the bike. After that, check out if all the lights are working. Don’t forget to put on your helmet before you’re riding it.

            Do you know there’s also a dress code to every e-bike riders? It’s really simple and effective, but really helps to keep you safe. That is, never wear cloth that’s too long for riding bikes, and make sure what you’re wearing won’t be caught into any moving parts of the bike.

            After dealing with all the above, you’re good to go. It’s time for you to enjoy the ride.

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