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Why it is wise to choose a hydraulic brake for your e-bike? Because they can hold your back when you’re going wild on the off-road terrains. They can help to control the speed more efficiently. And also, you can put less effort to slow down your bike with this system. And there are more advantages of a hydraulic brake system,check out below.


1 - Less lever effort


diagram of a hydraulic system


Here’s a diagram that states how does a hydraulic brake works. I don’t want to start a long speech so I’m gonna make it simple. In same conditions, hydraulic system can help to amplify your power on lever which leads to a bigger stopping power.


If you’re using the bike for long distance commute or willing to go off-road, hydraulic system will be a perfect choice for you.

Not only because this system can get you a better stopping performance, but also because mechanical disc brakes requires more power to create the same effort, which will make your hands tired.


2 - Closed Circuit

It’s a common sense that a closed circuit requires less maintenance and so is the brake system.

The benefit about hydraulic brake system is the closed circuit, thus it blocks dirt and debris outside of the whole brake system. With a mechanic brake system, you’ll need to put more effort on the maintenance routine.

But less doesn’t means none, remember to check oil level from time to time and add some fluid into the system if you found the handle bar is loosen.


3 - Less Adjustments

In Hydraulic brake system there are two pads and both move towards to rotor. So rotor is squeezed evenly from both sides.

Not like the traditional mechanical brakes movement is on singular direction. Because of this there will be minor bends on rotors on mechanical brakes or some dislocations.

And you will need to adjust the mechanical brakes from time to time. Most hydraulic brakes need no adjustment unless you drop your bike or there is an outer impact on your e-bike's hydraulic brakes.

Also this will let you change your rotors earlier than hydraulic brakes.

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