5 points you should check before every road ride

A quick pre-ride safety check will save you

A quick inspect to your bike before riding is really important to your riding experience. It can really help to avoid mishaps out on your riding to everywhere. To make it easy to remember, we break it down to 5 critical points in your inspection sequence for your HAOQI e-bike. From rear wheel to the seatpost, then look down to the pedals, and up to the handle bars, don’t forget the front wheel at last. Read this and you’ll know how to perform a pre-ride check properly on your e-bike by the instructions below.

Point 1: Tire pressure

The first step is to check your rear wheel.

Tire pressure can be a key decision to whether you’re going to have a comfortable riding experience. Make sure to inflate your tire and check the tire pressure before every time you’re riding.

Maybe some of you will think the bike can run faster with a higher pressure, but it doesn’t work all the cases. Actually, this depends on many conditions and how you’re set up your bike, but with A pair of fat tire can help to improve the riding experience, but you still need to check it from time to time.

Also remember to check the brake pads when you’re working on the rear tire, make sure the tire spins freely through the brakes without rubbing. If you spotted problems about spinning, try to adjust your brakes. 


Point 2: Seat post and saddles

Move up your seatpost to the saddle and twist it from side-to-side. You will need to make sure the seat post clamp is strong & tight that can hold the saddle and seat post in place securely.

After that, with your bike on the ground, and lift then drop the rear from about an ankle height.

Listen carefully to check if there’s any rattle or other oddly noise. This helps to check if there’s any part loosen or worn out, it’s really simple and quite effective.


Point 3: Crankset

Congrats for making it half done! Now we’re going to deal with the crankset, simply spin your both pedals and check for any creaks or other sounds.

Next, grab both pedals and torque them from side-to-side, check if there’s any play in the pedal or crank system.

And now, spin the crank backwards, and listen carefully if there’s any creaks or squeaks in the chain or shifting system. Our Shimano gear system is really strong and tough, but don’t forget to lube your chains to let them performs better.


Point 4:

Now it’s time for the handlebars! This requires you to drop the bike again. Make sure to set your bike on the ground and lift the front of the bike this time, at about ankle height then drop it. Listen for any rattles or other odd sounds.

Then twist the handlebar to make sure the stem and handlebar are tight enough. Especially for our adjustable version, this can help to provide a more comfortable riding experience, but make sure it’s tightened up at the certain angle you want.

Point 5:

The final point you should check is the front wheel as how you’re doing in the point one. Also, do not miss the wiring are all connected in their place. Test the speedometer and throttle, and don’t forget about the headlight. Make sure all the parts are working in normal function before you’re on the road.


That’s the end, now you can pack all the required stuff for a safe & sound travel, like a full bottle of water in case you will get thirsty on the road, or a raincoat if you don’t want to get yourself too wet. Maybe you will need to get some grocery on your way back? Not enough space for all the stuff? Try panniers commuting bag, it will be a great help.

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