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Many people in the world love hunting for various reasons. Firstly, hunting makes us feel more connected to nature. Secondly, we can acknowledge our kinship with wildlife and create memories to share with our loved ones.

For me, it is always the first reason. It makes me feel connected to a place. Also, it can make one feel responsible for their food. If you are an enthusiastic hunter like me, you must know the importance of vehicles in hunting. 

A good vehicle can help you have a me

morable experience while hunting. A practical vehicle can improve your hunting experience. If you are searching for a good hunting vehicle, you should use an e-bike.

Ever since I started to use an ebike, hunting has been a completely different experience. There are various reasons why I love this bike so much. In this article, I will discuss the benefits of this bike and how you can choose the perfect bike to have a memorable hunting experience.   

The Benefits of Using an Electric Bike for Hunting


1. E-Bikes Offer Quick Navigation

When I did not have an e-bike in the past, I used to walk up to my hunting destination. However, after buying this bike, I could enjoy hunting without being tired. Due to its advanced technology of lithium-ion, it provides more power and lasts longer. 

I love this bike for hunting because it helps me cover more distances in less time. Also, it saves a lot of time. The two significant features of this bike are:

  1. The pedal assist technology: It combines manual peddling with motor assistance. 

  2. Throttle: when your bike is moving without manual peddling. 

The Cheetah Dual Battery Full Suspension E-Bike has a 750-watt geared hub motor, which helps you to reach your destination fast. 

2. E-Bikes Are Quiet, Do not Make Noise like Motorized Bikes

In the past hunting season, I used the Cheetah Dual Battery Full Suspension Electric Bike for the first time. I was out to hunt turkeys. Luckily, I found three turkeys in the field. I kept on riding my bike while they were eating their food. 

The turkeys remained unbothered by the sound of my ebike. I knew that if I were walking on foot or riding on a motorcycle, they would run away due to the noise.

Therefore, I love my electric bicycle so much. Due to its advanced technology, it allows you to travel without making any noise. With this, you can easily hunt animals. 

3. With E-Bikes, You Can Easily Transport Your Gears

Dual battery cargo e-bike on beach side

It is crucial to take your hunting gear with you if you are out hunting. Nevertheless, carrying your equipment can be troublesome for you. I do not prefer to carry my gear on my shoulders because it can cause back pain. For this reason, I would highly recommend getting an electric bike for hunting

This bike enables you to take your hunting gear. You just have to pair the bike with a trailer or durable rack. You can put as many supplies as needed, for example, a flashlight, guns, bows, first aid kit, towel, cushion, gloves, etc.

4. E-Bikes Can Handle Challenging Terrain

This bike can handle any difficult terrain due to its fat tires. As a hunter, I go through troublesome routes, including rocky trails, fields, hills, and unpaved roads. For this reason, it is essential to use a bike that can provide you with optimal balance in such conditions. 

Furthermore, these bikes can help you go through sand, ice, surface water, and ice without slipping, getting stuck in the middle, or sinking. When I experienced this myself, I knew that I could only go hunting with an electric bicycleMan riding an e-bike crossing rough and bushy forest

5. E-Bikes Can Help You Save More Money

Motorized vehicles are not cost-effective. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the annual cost an average person has to spend on a car is $9,282. It includes the cost of fuel, insurance, registration, licensing, and maintenance. This amount does not include the actual value of the car. 

Moreover, such vehicles can cost hundreds of dollars in maintenance if you take them hunting. On the other hand, e-bikes are much cheaper. They cost around $200 per year for maintenance and charging after the purchase. 

6. E-Bikes Can Save Your Time

I love to sleep before going hunting. However, it is also essential to arrive on time. Therefore, I prefer to use an electric bike for hunting. It helps me reach my preferred location on time. 

In addition to this, I can also get back to my camp as fast as possible. If you are like me, this is one of the reasons why you should go for this bike. 

7. E-Bikes Can Help You Visit More Areas

The power, speed, and high-end battery of this bike enable you to go to different places. Furthermore, it requires less time to cover the distance using this bike. 

The Cheetah E-bike gives around 30 to 100 miles per charge. Moreover, it has a 350 lb. payload capacity so that you can take your food and other equipment hunting.White e-bike stand ahead of a winter forest scene

8. E-Bikes Have More Access than Automobiles

There are many hunting places where you can not take motorized off-road vehicles. However, there are some of those places where the authorities allow electric bicycle. It largely depends upon the area that you have chosen for hunting.

These bikes can help you go through narrow paths because they are lightweight and portable. The Department of Agriculture Forest Service of the U.S. reports that more than 6,000 miles of roads and trails are open for e-bikes for hunting spots across the United States. Man riding an e-bike downhill a rough terrain

9. E-Bike Maintenance Is Easy

Hunters like you and I have to take care of our e-bikes so that they can perform better and last longer. No one wants to repair the bike while hunting. However, the maintenance of this bike is convenient. 

E-bikes are easier to inspect than ATVs or other vehicles. After hunting, you should always clean your bike. Also, take your bike for an annual tune-up. 

How Should You Choose the Best Ebike for Hunting?Man riding an e-bike through a forest

Are you planning to take an e-bike to your next hunting location? Consider the following points to choose the best e-bike to optimize your hunting experience.

1. Power

The first thing you should check before getting this bike is its motor. The most effective motor for an e-bike is 750 watts, which will give you the best hunting experience. 

2. Range & Battery

The battery is another essential factor you should consider before buying this bike. You should also see its range. The battery should charge in 6 - 9 hours, like Haoqi’s Cheetah e-bike

3. Frame and Tires

The frame and tires also play a significant role in your riding experience. The Cheetah e-bike’s frame and tires make it easier for you to go through narrow routes. 

4. Payload Capacity

Last but not least, you should see the bike’s payload capacity. It will assist you in taking your gear for hunting. 

The 4 Best Places for Hunting in North America

Two people riding e-bikes with a sunset scenery

1. British Columbia (BC)

British Columbia is known for its richness in wildlife and history. It has North America’s largest game trophies, including black bear, cougar, moose, and other exceptional game animals. This reputation of North America is recognized in record books such as Boone & Crockett.  

2. Montana

The fourth largest state in the USA is Montana. It is also known as the best state to hunt in North America. In this state, you can hunt mule deer, rocky mountain elk, black bears, mountain goats, mule deer, wolves, or mountain lions. 

However, for the best hunting experience, you should go to Montana between August and November. In addition, you can hunt waterfowl and upland birds any day in this state. 

3. Alaska

Alaska is one of the best states for hunting in North America. Here you will find the opportunity to hunt muskox, moose, caribou, mountain goat, and brown bear. For the best variety, you should go to Alaska between August and October.

4. Nunavut and the Northwest Territories

Nunavut is one of Canada’s three largest territories and is known as the best spot for hunting. It is located in the northern part of Canada and is the most isolated place with over 36,000 inhabitants. 

In this area, you will find central Canada's barren ground, caribou, muskox, and polar bears. Nevertheless, you can also hunt walrus in this area but can not import them into the United States. 

ConclusionDual suspension e-bike standing on the grass with a blue sky scenery

Taking an ebike for hunting is one of the best decisions you can ever make. There are various reasons to buy this bike; it saves you time and money, takes you to more places, handles difficult routes, can carry your gear, and is easy to maintain. 

Nevertheless, before buying an e-bike, you must check its power, battery, frame, tires, and payload capacity. It will ensure you get the best e-bike available in the market and maximize your hunting experience. 

You can check out the Cheetah Dual Battery Full Suspension E-Bike that has a 750W high-speed brushless geared motor, a high-tech lithium battery, a 350 lb total payload capacity, and a 6-9 hours charging time. 

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