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If you have been struggling with getting an electric bike that meets your needs, you most likely have been choosing it wrongly. It is possible to get carried away with the various types of products available in the e-bike market. The best solution is to identify your needs, to determine the preferences that will work best for you. If your major concern is not to waste time and money in researching, you may invest in a full-suspension e-bike. A full-suspension e-bike is affordable and accessible and would meet the needs of several individuals.

Features of a Suspension Electric Bike

The features of a suspension electric bike vary with different models and brands, but there are certain features you may find common among others.

  • A control system:A control system allows riders to adjust the level of assistance received from an electric bike motor. Some models also have technology display that provides information concerning speed and battery gauge.
  • Brakes: Most suspension electric bikes have hydraulic disc brakes, which can stop movement even on challenging terrain. Thus, the condition of a suspension e-bike is of great importance and shouldn’t be overlooked. Riders may also rest their ride before taking the electric bikes outside.
  • Tires: The tires in a suspension e-bike is usually wider than the traditional bicycle tires. Thus, you want to ensure your electric bike tire is suitable for whatever terrain you will be riding on.
  • Frame: Suspension electric bikes have sturdy and durable frames that are designated to withstand off-road riding.

Who Should Use a Suspension Electric Bike?

A suspension electric bike is versatile, meeting the needs of individuals with different purposes. However, if you belong to the following category, a full-suspension e-bike is ideal for you.

  • Mountain bikers: If you often ride through hilly areas or mountain regions, you need an electric bike for maximum stability. A suspension electric bike will provide smooth and maximum comfort for off-ride cycling. Thus, this will help you to tackle tough terrains easily. You also need to realize it is important to understand your route. There is little a suspension e-bike can do when you have no understanding of your bike route. It will also prevent time wastage that could happen from trying to identify road trails. Make sure you don’t get lost in a dangerous mountain region. Mountain biking could be fun, but your life will be threatened when exposed to dangerous risks.
  • Recreational cyclists:If cycling aims to explore the outdoors and the scenery of the green environment, a full suspension e-bike can also work for you. You can leisurely visit parks or camping sites. Oftentimes, the paths to these destinations are usually rough, so it would provide stability without feeling every bump in the road.
  • People recovering from illness: If you are just recovering from a certain sickness, you need an electric bike that will not require much effort. This is particularly important since the body will be more sensitive to bumps when it’s weak. Thus, you need to ride an electric bike that will provide a smooth ride as much as possible. Also, this is a good way to flex your muscles, if you have any joint pain. Join pains can be highly discomforting, so take your time with the healing process.
  • Commuters: Commuters are known to be typical electric bike riders. People who ride electric bikes mainly for carrying out their daily activities, fall within this category. You can easily ride to your school, religious center, or place of work with an electric bike. Since you will be going around with your daily activities, you need an electric bike that will help you navigate potholes easily.
  • Older adults: Whether a senior has an injury or not, a suspension electric bike is essential in keeping them from falling off. This is because the bike provides enough traction on the ground surface, preventing the rider from tripping off while in motion. This is a great choice for older adults who need to spend more time exploring the outdoor environment. More interestingly, you can make new friends while at it.

haoqi full suspension ebikeHow to Save Time With an Electric Bike

Electric bikes are typically faster than regular bicycles, making them the perfect choice for running errands or deliveries. However, certain factors may influence the speed rate or level of an electric bike.

The first step to saving commute time with an electric bike is using bike lanes. The bike lanes barely experience traffic, as they are designated from major city paths. This will help the rider take direct routes and reach their destinations faster. While you are choosing a bike lane, make sure to also consider a fast route. With an electric bike, you can take shortcuts and avoid distractions in congested areas or routes.

A full suspension e-bike also has a pedal-assist feature like most other bikes. Thus, you should maximize this feature by using the assistance provided by the electric bike motor. This will also increase your ride speed, but make sure the battery capacity can handle the riding speed and distance. This can help you save time and effort, especially if you have a longer commute.

Make sure to charge your current and extra battery overnight, to be prepared for your ride. You may also pay attention to the battery capacity for a specific distance per charge. Having a bike rack will also save you time and effort in trying to balance your electric bike while riding. In addition, proper maintenance will increase the efficiency of your electric bike. This will include the appropriate functioning of the battery, motor system, and gears. If these components are not well-functioning, it may affect the speed performance of the electric bike.

How to Manage Expensive Transport Cost With a Full Suspension Electric Bike

Electric bikes are a great way to save some money, away from the enormous gas fee. Also, the cost of maintaining vehicles is more expensive than full suspension e-bike maintenance. Instead of using public transport, you can save yourself some money by using an electric bike as your primary mode of transportation. If you are riding a long distance, it is expedient to only activate the eco mode of pedal-assist bikes. This will help preserve the batteries, eliminating the need to constantly charge your batteries at paid charging centers.


There are several types of electric bikes, and a suspension system happens to be a common feature among others. The full suspension e-bikes have maximum versatility and are ideal for different terrains. They provide maximum traction to the ground, and comfort while in motion. You need to also regularly apply for suspension system maintenance, so it can reduce the cost repairs. Overall, investing in a quality full suspension e-bike will also minimize cost wastage and unnecessary expenses.

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