Cruise in Style: Upgrade to a Cargo E-Bike- HAOQI Ebike

Electric cargo bikes are the most ideal type of bicycles for individuals who want to explore the luxurious lifestyle. This type of electric bike is also versatile, and fit into various commute purposes. It also gives off some aesthetic values, making it ideal for minimalist who love trendy, yet cool designs. Overall, an electric cargo bike can improve a rider’s life quality and there is more interesting facts about the e-bike, to discover below.

What are Cargo Electric Bikes?

Electric cargo bikes are specifically designed to convey heavy objects. This, the features are more explicit and defined than the regular electric bike. Some of these features include a longer wheelbase, which ensures riders stability while on motion. The frames are also sturdy and non-renewable, providing the rider with extra support. Riders may also receive extra power or assistance from the pedal-assist feature, which is also common with regular electric bikes.

Benefits of Cargo Electric Bikes

As mentioned above, manufacturers bore heavy-duty riders in mind when creating a cargo e-bike. This, it serves a great purpose in cities with high rate of goods supply. Delivery services could easily carry out their duties without worrying about load inconvenience. This, urban deliveries consider it a more reliable option than motorized vehicles. This is also because of it's zero potential threat to the environment. With no emission of toxic carbon, plants and animals are safe from toxic contamination.

Electric cargo bikes also serve practical purposes by helping families transport children to school. It is also useful when commuting for a family trip or hang out. Despite their heavy-duty usage, electric bikes are portable, and are easy to maneuver. You can easily find your way through congested cities and best tight traffic. In fact, an electric cargo bike can seamlessly serve as a replacement for many city residents.

Apart from heavy-load transportation, electric cargo bike also serve some other benefits. These benefits are further highlighted below.

haoqi antelope cargo ebike

Fast and Easy Mode of Transportation

Contrary to popular opinions, the extra weight added on a cargo e-bike does not affect its speed, provides it's within the bike’s weight capacity. For every electric bike, there is a specific weight capacity which is usually recommended by the manufacturers. You can find this information in the official website, users manual, or packaging material. Thus, the ability for a cargo e-bike to operate at high speed remains intact, as long as the rider follows the necessary instruction.

The Haoqi Antelope Pro ebike  can ride at a high speed of 28 mph. This is ideal for average individuals who want to reach their destinations within a shorter time frame than regular bicycles. It is also built with Shimano 7 gears, allowing you to adjust the speed level to your preference. You may also use the half twist throttle, until you are sure to ride at a fast pace conveniently.

Positive Impact on the Environment

Electric bikes, including the cargo type, mainly rely on electrical power sourced for operation. As long as you have a working connection, you can keep your cargo bike running. Thus, it is highly recommended in cities with large number of manufacturing industry, and a high percentage of carbon monoxide. In order to protect the green environment, manufacturers ensure to implement an eco-friendly method of electric bike production.

The Haoqi Antelope Pro model uses a 48V 25Ah high-tech lithium-ion battery, which is more to-friendly than the traditional lead-acid battery. This type of battery is highly durable, with a long-range capacity. This allows riders to reach a distance of 85 miles on a single charge. You may also take an extra battery along, for easy replacement when riding through a longer distance. This electric bike model is built with a removable battery component, so you can easily replace an existing one.

Enhance Body Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle

The presence of heavy loads while riding an electric bike  does not cancel out its health benefits. That is, you can still achieve your desires body weight by commuting with an electric cargo bike. Once you pedal, pressure is being exerted in the lower body region, especially the leg region. This strengthens the muscles, and it's response to body fitness. It also help you lose weight, as extra calories can be lost in form of sweat. However, if you rather prefer to engage in a low form of exercise, you may use the pedal-assist feature. By doing this, you wouldn't need to exert much power to ride the electric bike.

The recommended payload capacity for Haoqi Antelope Pro model is 400 lbs. In order to achieve your weight loss goal, make sure to stay within the recommend weight limit. Overloading your electric bike will cause you to input extra energy than needed, which may also wear you out. You may get tired quickly after covering only a short distance. This will affect the calorie you could have lost from riding through a long range or distance.

How to Ride a Cargo Electric Bike in Style

As mentioned earlier, an electric cargo bike is one of the trendy and stylish designs you will find in an electric bike market. However, you need to ride a cargo bike with confidence to boost your style. When you are aware of your surroundings and follow the road rules, you are more confident in your ride. Thus, it is expedient to check with your local authority if there are any rules to abide by. This will also prevent you from facing legal charges or penalties. You should also endeavor to make eye contact with other road users while riding. It will increase your awareness level and eliminate fear.

Your choice of electric cargo bike will also determine if you can ride stylishly or not. Thus, you need to choose an electric bike that reflects your personality and preferences. Make sure the design is sleek, with eye-catching colors and stylish accessories. Nevertheless, endeavor the electric bike does not lack its value, in place of aesthetics. Your dress should also make a statement about how you feel. This will also determine how others perceive you while riding, especially when among ride buddies. You may wear a pair of Jean and stylish jacket, or simply dress according to the weather condition.

Always practice good posture while riding, and sit up straight: this can help build your confidence level and maintain your balance. Thus, you should avoid slouching over the handlebars. If you are riding an electric cargo bike suitable for your height, you wouldn’t have trouble with resting your hand firmly on the handlebars. For instance, the recommended rider’s height for the Haoqi Antelope Pro electric bike is between 5.5" and 6.8". This will help you to ride smoothly across all terrains without the need to bend over.

Is Electric Cargo Bike Unique?

As mentioned earlier, electric cargo bikes are designed for specific purposes, so you can expect some unique features. Apart from the load capacity and durability discussed earlier, cargo electric bikes have powerful brakes. These brakes make it easy to apply pressure and stop, despite the heavy loads. Thus, the GEMMA mechanic 180mm discs brake system in Haoqi Antelope Pro model is not what you will find in most regular electric bikes.

Another common trait of electric cargo bikes is the ebike suspension system. This suspension system absorbs shock and bumps, making the ride smoother, even in rough terrains. However, they often come with chains, which requires some level of maintenance. You need to constantly lubricate the suspension system, in order to reduce friction while riding. More interestingly, the Haoqi product has an alloy adjustable suspension, making it easier to customize to riders body specifications.


The versatility property of an electric cargo bike makes it ideal for cruise riding. You may ride a cargo e-bike mainly for the purpose of riding across the city. This is also a good bike for residents and visitors who want to know more about their environment. You wouldn’t need to worry about riding through different terrains. Cargo bikes can help you climb uphill and ride challenging terrains effortlessly.

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