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Riding a cargo bike can be challenging. This is because the electric bike is usually heavier than the traditional one. Thus, learning how to control and maneuver your electric bike properly would be best. Once you understand the safety tips that work, you can even carry extra groceries. In this piece, you shall discover the tips that will enable you to ride an ebike safely.

Enhance Your Ride Visibility

Ensuring your  cargo bike has enough visibility only applies to night rides. Sometimes you need as much visibility as possible, especially when riding under unclear weather conditions. The best way to enhance your ride visibility is to install a light at the front and back view of the electric bike. This will alert other road users, especially when navigating in a new direction. Reflective clothing, like orange color, can also enhance your ride visibility. You should avoid dull colors like black, brown, or deep-shaded blue.

Follow Road Safety Regulations

Ensure you understand your state regulations regarding road usage and abide by them. Follow the traffic rules, to maintain road sanity. Sticking to road regulations while riding an electric cargo bike is even more critical, especially for kids. You should slow your speed rate, as cargo bikes are faster than regular electric bicycles.

Each state has a speed limit, which may vary with the electric bike class. The differences in speed limit are also affected by the level of assistance provided by the electric bicycle. For instance, the class one e-bike stops assisting at 20 mph, while the class three e-bike continues to assist till 28 mph. The speed limit for class three electric bikes is usually higher in most countries.

Another aspect of following road regulations is to obey the "No texting and riding" rule. Make sure to keep your phone aside while driving. Always ignore it, no matter how tempting it seems to respond to incoming messages and calls. It is never worth putting yourself and other road users at risk, and texting while riding could incur legal charges or penalties.

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Pack the Right Accessories

Apart from a helmet, other electric bike accessories will boost your ride safety. These accessories will ease your transportation and provide balance as much as possible. Some of these accessories are also provided freely by electric bike manufacturers at the point of purchase. For instance, HAOQI manufacturers provide their customers full fenders, rear racks, trapper hats, and gloves. The importance of these accessories in ensuring riders' safety is further highlighted below.


  • Fenders: E-bike fenders are attached to the front and rear of an electric bicycle. They protect the rider from water and mud that might be splashed up from the road. They are an essential accessory for e-bikes, especially in wet or muddy conditions, as they help to keep the rider dry and comfortable.


  • Rear rack: An electric bike rear rack is attached to the rear of an electric bike, typically using mounting bolts or straps. It is used to carry various items such as luggage, groceries, or other items. Many electric bike rear racks can be easily attached and removed from the rack. Some electric bike rear racks also have built-in features, such as a built-in light or reflector, to help secure items. The weight capacity of an electric bike rear rack will depend on the specific design of the rack and the weight limits of the electric bike. Thus, if you are fixing a rear rack to your electric bike, check with the manufacturer's recommended weight limit.


  • Trapper hat: Trapper hats are designed to keep the head and ears warm in cold weather. They also offer excellent protection against cold weather, which can be particularly intense when riding an ebike at high speeds. In addition to providing warmth, trapper hats can also help to keep the rider's head dry in snowy areas. Some trapper hats also have reflective elements, which can help increase visibility and safety during night rides.


  • Gloves: It is essential to wear gloves while riding an e-bike because they can help to protect your hands in the event of a fall or accident. Gloves can also help to improve your grip on the handlebars, especially if your hands get sweaty. They can help to keep your hands warm in colder weather. However, choosing a pair of gloves that fit well and provide the protection and comfort you need is a good idea.

Properly Maintaining Your Cargo Electric Bike

To ride an e-bike safely, ensure the components are in the proper condition. This particularly applies to the electric bike battery and motor system. Make sure to set a maintenance routine and religiously follow it. This can go a long way to determining your ride safety. Also, the brake system should be considered a priority.

A poor brake system makes it difficult to halt a ride when needed. Cargo e-bikes are also built with oversized tires, which boost their rolling resistance. However, the fat tires' pressure level needs to be constantly checked or monitored. You may check the PSI chart provided by your manufacturer to prevent you from under-inflating or over-inflating your electric bike.

Here are various ways to maintain some vital components of your electric bike.

  • The motor system:Check if the drivetrain bolts are tight enough constantly. Use the Allen wrench to tighten every loose bolt, to avoid sudden accidents while riding. An electric bike motor system also involves the drive train. Thus, always lubricate if you are continually riding a chain drivetrain. This will minimize friction and boost your safety level. Also, check if there are no broken spikes in the electric bike.


  • The battery: Maintaining an electric bike battery starts with the usage and charging procedures. It is expedient to constantly recharge your electric bike battery before taking it out. Also, avoid overcharging or storing the battery under cold or scorching conditions. The bike battery will boost its durability if well stored or maintained. Using a cargo bike with a poor battery can be pretty unsafe. Some batteries drain faster than the estimated usage duration or range.


  • The brake system: Several parts make up an electric bike brake system. This includes the brake caliper, pad, rotor, and cable. All these components must be in good condition for a proper electric bike to function. Foremost, you must check the cargo bike cables to ensure they are well connected.

Even if you cannot notice any physical damage, service the brake cables every one to two years. If you use a hydraulic disc brake, drain and replace the fluid once in two years. Also, make sure the brake pads are not wet or oily. An oily brake pad could be annoyingly slippery while riding your cargo bike.

  • The bike tire: Constantly check for holes or punctured areas in your cargo tire, especially if you just finished riding on rough terrain. Also, always look out for visible wear and tear, and fix any lingering damages as soon as possible. Make sure there is no debris between the bike wheels.

Choose the Right Cargo Bike

Your choice of electric cargo bike will influence the extent you enjoy it. Make sure to choose a high-quality brand that is built with premium features. Such models are compatible with riding on different types of terrains. A perfect example to consider is the HAOQI Antelope Cargo electric bike. This electric bike has a dual battery, so you are more confident to cover a long distance, even after any batteries drain. It will also boost your safety, preventing you from being stranded in the middle of the road.

The HAOQI model is also set at 350 LBS payload capacity, to minimize the risk of road collision due to overload. Thus, it is expedient for riders to abide by it and follow the range your e-bike can cover per charge. The electric bike battery is set to cover between 45 and 80 miles per charge, of average capacity. Users also have added advantage of maximizing the equipped modern technology. HAOQI manufacturers install a speedometer in the electric cargo bike so that riders can monitor their current speed. It allows you to adjust easily if riding at a high and unsafe speed level.


Following safe and slower routes is much easier to ride an ebike safely. Plan the route or conduct adequate research about the particular route. This will help you avoid possible dangerous zones, especially while riding in a desert or desolate region. You may also ride with your friends or buddies, so you have people that may attend to accidental cases. Always prepare for injuries or accidents by taking along the first aid kit. Your preparation is never enough, as you may encounter other reckless riders. Thus, a first-aid kit will minimize pain and keep you safe until you have a medical team to attend to you.

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