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E-bikes have revolutionized the way we commute, explore, and stay active. With advancements in technology, these electric-powered bikes offer an eco-friendly and efficient way to get around, all while enjoying the great outdoors. 

As the holiday season approaches, there’s no better time to explore the world of electric biking than now, and HAOQI has something special in store for Black Friday 2023. With HAOQI’s comprehensive range of e-bikes and incredible discounts, you can elevate your outdoor adventures or surprise your loved ones with a gift they’ll cherish. 

In this guide, we’ll explore these opportunities and more, ensuring you make the most of Black Friday 2023 with HAOQI’s exceptional e-bikes. So, whether you’re an e-bike enthusiast or just getting started, get ready to dive into a world of e-biking possibilities this Black Friday.

haoqi rhino ebike

Exploring HAOQI EBike Models and Discounts

When it comes to investing in an electric bike, HAOQI offers a diverse range of models, each catering to specific needs and preferences. Exploring these options is the key to finding the perfect e-bike that aligns with your lifestyle. Here, we will delve into the HAOQI e-bike lineup, examining the unique features that set them apart.

HAOQI Rhino Electric Bike

Unique Features: The powerful Rhino e-bike is designed for all, whether snow, sand or tirals, featuring fat tires and hydraulic brakes to ensure solid and smooth rides. It boasts speed, long distance, and stability. 

Discount: During Black Friday, you can enjoy a generous discount of up to $900 off on the Rhino e-bike.

HAOQI Cheetah Full Suspension E-Bike

Unique Features:  Perfect for those seeking a safer and more comfortable riding experience. It is equipped with a full suspension for conquering challenging terrains, ensuring a smooth ride. 

Discount: Grab your full suspension ebike at a remarkable discount of up to $500 off during Black Friday.

HAOQI Black Leopard Fat Tire

Unique Features: The Black Leopard E-Bike is built for rough terrains like snow mountains, offering a comfortable and upright riding position. It is equipped with a powerful motor and high-tech battery. 

Discount: You can save up to $400 off of the price when you purchase a HAOQI Black Leopard Fat Tire EBike.

HAOQI Squirrel Folding E-Bike

Unique Features: 

It is equipped with a powerful motor, 5-level pedal assist, and responsive disc brakes. It is designed for heights, experience, comfort, compactness, and thrilling rides. If style and convenience are your passion, this e-bike is a top choice. 

Discount: Enjoy a substantial discount of up to $300 off on the Squirrel Folding E-Bike.

Black Friday Discounts

Here, we’ll break down the exciting discounts on offer, making sure you’re fully aware of the outstanding deals awaiting you:

Maximum $900 Off for a Single E-Bike Purchase: HAOQI offers a jaw-dropping discount of up to $900 for those purchasing a single e-bike. This substantial price reduction makes it the perfect opportunity to upgrade your e-bike or enter the world of electric biking without breaking the bank.

Additional $200 Off When Buying Two Bikes: The deals get even sweeter if you’re considering purchasing not one but two e-bikes. HAOQI’s Black Friday promotion grants an additional $200 off when you buy two bikes. It’s an excellent chance for couples, friends, or families to embark on e-biking adventures together, all while enjoying substantial savings.

20% Discount on Ebike Accessories: An e-bike is only as good as its accessories, and HAOQI acknowledges this by offering a 20% discount on e-bike accessories during Black Friday. 

Complimentary Gift Box

As a delightful bonus to sweeten your Black Friday e-bike purchase, HAOQI offers a complimentary gift box valued at $297 with every e-bike order. This special offer adds an extra layer of value to your e-biking experience, and we’ll provide a closer look at what this gift box includes:

Gloves: E-biking can be an exhilarating experience, but it’s essential to keep your hands protected. Inside the gift box, you’ll find a pair of high-quality gloves explicitly designed for e-bike enthusiasts. These gloves offer protection, improved grip, and comfort, ensuring your hands stay safe and cozy during your rides.

Helmet: Safety is paramount when it comes to e-biking, and a helmet is a non-negotiable safety accessory. HAOQI’s gift box includes a premium helmet, providing the protection you need while you explore the open road. This helmet is designed for comfort, style, and, most importantly, safety.

E-Bike Bag: E-biking often involves carrying essentials with you, whether it’s a water bottle, tools, or your personal belongings. The complimentary gift box also features an e-bike bag specially crafted to fit the needs of e-bike riders. This bag is a convenient and stylish solution to keep your essentials close at hand during your journeys.

Black Friday Event Dates

Mark your calendars and prepare for a month of unbeatable e-bike deals during HAOQI’s Black Friday event. Here are the essential details:

Event Duration: HAOQI’s Black Friday event kicks off on November 1st and runs throughout the entire month, concluding on November 30th. This extended duration gives you the flexibility to plan your purchase and take full advantage of the fantastic discounts and promotions on offer.

Winners Announcement: The excitement doesn’t end with your e-bike purchase. If you’ve participated in the giveaway event by sharing your e-bike adventures on social media, the winners will be announced on November 30th. There’s a total of four winners who will receive the fantastic prize of a Squirrel folding e-bike worth $999.

Why Mark Your Calendar: With an entire month to explore and decide, marking your calendar is essential to ensure you don’t miss out on the fantastic Black Friday deals. It’s an opportunity to carefully select the perfect e-bike for your needs, benefiting from generous discounts and possibly winning an extra e-bike to share the joy with a friend or family member.


Black Friday 2023 is the ultimate opportunity to grab a HAOQI e-bike at an unbeatable price. With this buying guide, you’re well-equipped to make an informed decision, benefit from generous discounts, and enjoy a complimentary gift box. Don’t forget to share your e-bike adventures for a chance to win a Squirrel folding e-bike. 

In the world of e-biking, this Black Friday event is an event you won’t want to miss. So, prepare for a month-long celebration of e-bike shopping, and remember to stay tuned for the exciting winners’ announcement. With deals this good, your e-bike adventures are about to get, more thrilling. Happy e-bike shopping this Black Friday

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