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Black Friday is around the corner, and the excitement is building as HAOQI E-bike gears up for an extraordinary Black Friday event. If you’re a fan of electric bikes or have been eyeing that perfect ride, this is your chance to score big. In this article, we’ll take you through the incredible Black Friday offers from HAOQI Ebike and shed light on how you can participate in our thrilling giveaway for a chance to win the coveted $999 Squirrel folding e-bike.

haoqi squirrel folding ebike

HAOQI E-bike's Black Friday Spectacular

HAOQI E-bike is all set to make your Black Friday special with a lineup of fantastic promotions. This year, we are offering a maximum discount of $900 on a single e-bike purchase, which is a deal that’s hard to beat. But that’s not all; if you decide to go for a pair of e-bikes, you’ll enjoy an additional $200 off. And for those who are looking to accessorize their rides, all e-bike accessories come with a generous 20% discount. Black Friday at HAOQI E-bike is the lowest price you’ll find all year.

There’s more! Every e-bike order during the Black Friday period will include a complimentary gift box valued at a whopping $297. This box includes essential riding gear such as $99 gloves, a $99 helmet, and a $99 ebike bag. It’s a bundle that enhances your biking experience and also represents an incredible value.

Share Your E-Bike Adventures

One of the most exciting parts of HAOQI E-bike’s Black Friday celebration is the opportunity for customers to share their experiences. HAOQI wants to celebrate your e-biking enthusiasm and make your Black Friday experience even more exciting. During the Black Friday event, riders are encouraged to post pictures and stories related to their “MY HAOQI EBIKE rides” on social media. It’s a chance to connect with the vibrant HAOQI E-bike community, showcase your adventures, and inspire others to embrace the e-bike lifestyle.

Now, here’s the cherry on top of this Black Friday extravaganza: the giveaway event. By participating in the “MY HAOQI EBIKE rides” social media activity, you not only become part of a fantastic community but also stand a chance to win a Squirrel folding ebike worth an impressive $999. This high-quality e-bike is known for its compact design, powerful performance, and stylish appearance. It’s the perfect addition to your collection of HAOQI E-bike models or perhaps your first step into the world of electric biking.

Here’s how you can get involved in this special promotion: 

Sharing on Social Media: HAOQI encourages all e-bike enthusiasts to share their thrilling ebike adventures on social media during the Black Friday season. Whether exploring picturesque landscapes, commuting to work, or embarking on urban adventures, your e-biking journey is unique and worth sharing. We’ll provide you with all the details and tips on how to create engaging and captivating posts to showcase your love for e-biking later on in this article.

Win a Squirrel Folding E-Bike: We believe you know the best part already. By participating in this, you have the opportunity to win a remarkable prize from HAOQI. A unique chance to win a Squirrel folding e-bike valued at $999. This versatile and portable e-bike is the perfect companion for those seeking convenience and mobility.

Sharing your e-bike experiences isn’t just about the incredible reward; you also have the chance to connect with a vibrant e-biking community. By joining in and spreading your love for e-biking, you might just be one of the lucky winners of the Squirrel folding e-bike.

Mark Your Calendar: November 1st to November 30th

The Black Friday event at HAOQI E-bike runs from November 1st to November 30th, ensuring you have an entire month to take advantage of these fantastic deals and share your riding experiences. This extended period allows you to explore the various e-bike models, consider accessories, and fully immerse yourself in the world of HAOQI E-bike.

As the Black Friday event draws to a close on November 30th, the excitement continues to build. This is when HAOQI will announce the winners of the Squirrel folding e-bike giveaway. There will be a total of four lucky winners, each of whom will take home a fantastic e-bike that promises not only efficient and eco-friendly transportation but also countless adventures.

How to Participate in the Giveaway

Participating in the giveaway event is simple. Follow these steps to increase your chances of winning:

  1. Purchase an HAOQI E-bike: To participate in the giveaway, you’ll need to own an HAOQI E-bike. With the incredible Black Friday discounts, this is the perfect time to make your purchase.

  2. Share “MY HAOQI EBIKE Rides” Content: Go on rides with your E-bike and document your experiences. This could include scenic photos, stories of your adventures, or tips and tricks for fellow riders.

  3. Post on Social Media: Share your “MY HAOQI EBIKE rides” content on your favorite social media platforms. Make sure to use relevant hashtags and tag HAOQI E-bike to ensure your entry is counted.

  4. Engage with the Community: Interact with fellow HAOQI E-bike enthusiasts and participate in discussions related to your rides. Building a sense of community is an essential part of this giveaway event.

  5. Stay Tuned for the Announcement: As November 30th approaches, keep an eye on HAOQI E-bike’s social media channels and website for the announcement of the giveaway winners.


Black Friday is a time for deals and excitement, and HAOQI E-bike ensures you don’t miss out on this opportunity. With unbeatable discounts on their electric bikes, accessories and a generous gift box for every order, there’s no better time to invest in your electric bike journey.

Moreover, the “MY HAOQI EBIKE rides” campaign adds a unique and personal touch to your experience, allowing you to connect with fellow riders and share your adventures. And, of course, the chance to win a $999 Squirrel folding e-bike is the icing on the Black Friday cake.

So, mark your calendar for November 1st and dive into the world of HAOQI E-bikes this Black Friday. Whether you’re already an e-bike lover or just starting your journey, there’s something for everyone, and the opportunity to win big is an added incentive to join in the excitement. Get ready to ride into an incredible Black Friday with HAOQI E-bike!

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