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Generally, electric bikes serve many purposes to users, including environmental and health benefits. However, considering its customized benefits, you will only get the best out of an electric bike. Thus, a modern electric motorcycle always has unique features that stand out among other products. These special features provide users with additional riding benefits.

One of the top bike products in this category is the HAOQI Antelope Cargo E-bike. This model is not only versatile but also an affordable electric bike. This makes it more accessible to many intending electric bike users. In this article, you shall discover the importance of electric cargo bikes and the benefits of the Haoqi Antelope Cargo ebike.

The Growing Trends of Cargo Bikes

You probably wonder why you keep seeing electric cargo bike  on your street, with the kids comfortably sitting in front of the electric bike. Not only is your observation correct, but cargo ebike popularity is also acknowledged globally. This versatile electric bicycle has recorded up to 66% increase since the pandemic was over. Research further revealed a massive increase in sales in the near future. The US government and environmental agencies also contribute to the growth of cargo e-bikes. Due to its ecological benefits and lack of carbon emission, electric bikes are being encouraged among United States residents.

The Growing Trends in Cities

One of the signs of growing cities is the increase in electric bike adoption. This is because such a versatile ebike can serve economic and recreational purposes. Online shopping and home delivery have skyrocketed recently as people want to get their items quickly. Thus, urban businesses use electric cargo bikes to bypass traffic and reach their destinations faster. A cargo ebike also helps riders ride in maximum comfort while reducing noise pollution.

A cargo ebike provides a greater chance for business enthusiasts and enterprises. These types of electric bikes are designed for maximum performance, so don't hesitate to invest in quality products only. This is why the Haoqi Antelope Cargo ebike is highly recommended, considering its accessibility. This affordable electric bike will give you value for your money, and you wouldn't need to worry about getting a replacement soon. However, it would help if you implemented specific maintenance measures or procedures to extend the electric bike's longevity.

Running a Busy Schedule with an Electric Cargo Bike

It can be overwhelming when you need to get a lot of things done at the same time. Multitasking between grocery shopping, workouts, visiting a religious center, and other activities, can be highly demanding. Haoqi Antelope product is one of the best electric cargo bikes for every family. You can easily transport your kids to school or even go on holiday with family and relatives. You wouldn't need to worry about riding through rough terrains. The electric bike is built with a 20" x 4" tire, which is firm and sturdy on ground surfaces. It is also highly recommended for families needing adequate bike space, especially during a tour or summer break.

Although the Haoqi Antelope cargo bike chain drivetrain requires more maintenance than a carbon belt drive, it is ideal for heavy duties. The chains hold the suspension system together and avoid tripping off while transporting goods. As a result, this type of electric bike is also common among delivery persons. It allows them to supply items effortlessly and reach their destinations with little or no effort. This is possible through the pedal-assist feature, which provides riding assistance, and requires less energy input from the rider. This is the kind of bike you get if you want it to serve multipurpose functions.

A Cargo Electric Bike Promotes Healthy Lifestyle

The modern environment is at risk of an unhealthy lifestyle resulting from consuming calorie deficit foods and living a sedentary lifestyle. People now prefer remote work, which promotes a lack of exercise. Meanwhile, a lack of exercise affects one's mental health and increases the chance of developing an illness. Ideally, it would be best to exercise or engage in the movement for 150 minutes daily. This will ensure adequate blood circulation to necessary parts of your body. What happens when you increase your mobility but can't transport items with a regular electric bike?

An electric cargo bike promotes a healthy lifestyle by not tiring the rider out sooner than expected. Electric bikes are usually designed to be compatible with heavy-weight objects. Thus, you can also pack light foods and drinks along with your ride for improved convenience. It will also encourage you to eat healthily and not depend on sugary or fatty foods from street vendors.

haoqi antelope cargo ebike

Weight Capacity of the HAOQI Antelope Cargo Electric Bike

A standard and quality cargo electric bike should be able to transport up to 400 lbs weight capacity. Meanwhile, the Antelope Cargo model, weighing 73 lbs, can convey a product weight of 400 lbs. Remember that this payload or weight capacity includes the rider's body weight and product size. Thus, make sure you don't overload your cargo ebike. Once you order this product, you will get a free rack from Haoqi manufacturers. The rack will make it easier to carry extra items on a journey and not overload your backpack. It will also help create more balance and stability while riding.

Promotes the Sustainability of the Green Environment with Electric Cargo Bike

Unlike vehicles and traditional bikes, a cargo ebike uses an electrically powered motor for operation. You don't need to use fossil fuels containing toxic carbon dioxide (CO2). Meanwhile, a significant presence of CO2 in the atmosphere can be hazardous, exposing the lives of plants and animals to terrifying threats. This mode of transportation reduces air and noise pollution, making it ideal for urban mobility. Thus, you can improve air quality by riding electric cargo bikes, lowering the potential volume of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

To enhance environmental sustainability, modern manufacturers implement eco-friendly production processes. One of the production initiatives is using lithium-ion batteries against the traditional lead-acid battery type. The former battery type is considered more eco-friendly and easy to produce.

HAOQI Antelope Cargo Bike High-Tech Battery

The battery used in the production of the Haoqi bike has 48 volts and 16Ah. This contributes to the bike's effectiveness and durability. Since a battery is an integral component of an electric bike, it determines how much riders enjoy its usage. The high-tech battery used in this product also enhances ride range or mileage. Thus, you can be sure to cover a long distance with your cargo ebike. It takes approximately 6-9 hours to charge the Haoqi battery, and you can expect it to reach up to 80 miles on a single charge. You also get a dual battery, allowing you to switch once your current battery drains out quickly.

The Best Affordable, Versatile Electric Bike

If you are looking for a versatile ebike that wouldn't cost much, then the Haoqi Antelope cargo model is for you. This is an affordable electric bike that is readily available in the market, providing numerous benefits. Thus, you wouldn't have to worry about compromising quality for affordability.

With a relatively low price of $1,699, users of this Haoqi get to enjoy $100 on purchasing two or more products. However, you need to constantly check the brand's official website to confirm the availability of this promo. You will also get free essential accessories, such as fenders and racks. These accessories are highly crucial and contribute to a smooth riding experience. For instance, the fenders help to keep dirt and debris away from the rider.

Apart from the affordable upfront cost, it costs less to maintain an electric cargo bike than a vehicle. This mode of transportation is cheaper than paying an enormous fee for parking space or repairing worn-out parts. People spend a hefty price before protecting and storing their vehicles in the city. The flexibility of electric cargo bikes is also responsible for excluding parking fees.


It's easy to ignore electric cargo bikes' societal or environmental benefits since you are not directly affected. Thus, personal benefits like affordability and versatility tend to attract more people than eco-friendly values. As much as this does not reflect the overall benefits of an electric bike, owning one based on affordability and versatility can be acceptable. In the long run, you are helping yourself and society at large. It is high time you invested in a quality electric bike at an affordable rate!

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