The Way out for every lovely Day!

Every day is a special day and how can we made it a lovely day, it depends on your idea
Are you planning for a lovely day tomorrow? Our answer should be YES


Welcome to our Channel of Haoqi Ebike!

1. We provide a 750w Geared Hub Motor Ebike, it works 35-60 miles per charge, never worried about the power for far away distance, as its weight just 72ibs for it, it was a little case which situations you are, whatever on rocks, dirt, gravel, or grass, be confidently onboard. 


2. Haoqi also a fast shipping model, we are shipping from CA, it takes weeks to arrive and competitive prices are amazing, free shipping, coupons, and discounts, it a nice choice.


3. It also provides different colors, BLACK, GREEN, AND WHITE LEOPARDS, it gives more options with guys ran a critical eye, its also guarantee 15-days return, it was so friendly helps. 


4. Haoqi Ebike also a superstar in the e-bike channel, as it a 7 Gear Shift System, the adjustment is so easy even if you may want to try higher speed for professional actions, it provides safety and sturdy experience because its FAT Tires. 


It is necessary to have one for the weekend life, we recommend it to those who always take outdoors activities, the persons who work hard but its long way from the house, and the one always escape a new place on the weekends.


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