After receiving your Haoqi ebike, how to manual it?

After receiving your Haoqi ebike, how to manual it?

1. Check the top speed

Step1: Press the up and down button at the same time
step2: Press the M button until it becomes "P07"
Step3: Wait for 4 seconds and you can see the speed.

2. Learn how to use the front and the tail light.

The first step: Press "M" button for 4 seconds, so you turn on power.
The second step: Press "Up" button for 4 seconds, you can turn on the front light.

3. How far Haoqi ebike can reach

60 miles is on the even road without slope or hills.

On a trip, you can have a try. 

Don't foget to take your charger.

4. Can i ride on the beach?

Riding where the waves are breaking on the beach if the wing harness is wet at all can cause a short.

Always keep back from where the waves are breaking. Being kit by a wave at battery height will almost certainly couse long term issues with moisture getting in and rusting the battery cells and terminals.

5. How to pump up a bike tyre?

If you’ve never repaired a puncture before, you might not have considered how your tyres hold air inside.

The vast majority of bikes will use an inner tube. This is a doughnut shaped airtight tube that sits inside the tyre, with a valve for pumping it up that you see on the outside.

The tyre, when inflated by the tube, is what grips the ground and provides protection from punctures.

You may have heard of tubeless tyres, which forgo a tube and use a special rim and tyre to seal air without the need for a tube. These usually require tubeless sealant inside, which is a liquid that plugs any points where air is escaping.

Tubeless tyres are more commonly found in mountain biking, but the technology is migrating to road bikes.

The tubeless sealant also plugs punctures, and no tube means a much lower risk of pinch flats – that’s when your inner tube is pinched by the rim, causing a puncture. Tubeless tyres can, therefore, be run at lower pressures than those with an inner tube setup, for improved comfort, speed and traction.

At the very high end, you also get tubular tyres. This is essentially a tyre with the tube sewn into it, but they are rarely seen or used outside of professional racing.

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