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In this modern era of advanced technology, people gradually invest more in innovative and engineered products. This is also seen in the transportation industry, where people are adopting electrical means of commuting. This implies electric bike users wouldn't need to depend totally on public transport. This article will explain in detail the importance of electric bikes and why the HAOQI Orange Leopard Pro e-bike stands out among other models.

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A Solution to High Technology Demand in the Transport System

The transport system is gradually evolving into a green commute process. This is largely due to the measures that must be implemented to minimize the carbon crisis. Global warming is rising, requiring the elimination of huge amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere. Even though electric bike contributes to minimizing the effect of global warming, commuters need more innovative features for optimal performance. Thus, manufacturers are responding to these demands by producing hi-tech electric bikes.

The HAOQI Orange Leopard Pro is a new-generation electric bike with advanced features such as LCD. These features and other factors are responsible for its immediate purchase in the market space. Furthermore, commuters can conveniently have an easy and smooth ride. It also solves the high dependence rate on the public transport system, especially in congested cities. How can this HAOQI Orange Leopard Pro model meet the high technical demand of commuters?

A Colored LCD Display for Enhanced Screen Appearance

LCDs are the top confirmation of advanced technology in electric bikes, as they were never present in the older generation models. The display is usually located at the center of the handlebar, which riders can easily reach. Thus, you can easily keep your eye on the display while finding out about the battery charge, assist, and speed levels. This feature is on the same level as the right information provided by smartwatches and fitness trackers. If you cycle a lot, this is an electric bike feature that you should take advantage of.

The colored LCD in HAOQI  Orange Leopard Pro will give the rider a better sight, especially when riding through a low-light condition. It maximizes safety by alerting riders about the presence of other road users. Also, the colored display has a simple interface, allowing riders to navigate through easily. This is why it's highly recommended for beginners who are just starting to ride electric bikes

A 750W Motor and 48V Battery Capacity

An electric bike's motor and battery are critical to its performance and functionality. Meanwhile, the HAOQI Orange Leopard Pro, with a motor capacity of 750W and a 48V battery, depicts the capacity to ride at a speed and cover a long distance. However, every electric bike has a maximum speed and mileage capacity, which the manufacturer usually recommends. For instance, the HAOQI Orange Leopard product is recommended to cover up to 80 miles per battery charge.

A 750W motor usually provides a higher top speed than smaller motors. With the Shimano 7 speed in HAOQI Orange Leopard Pro, riders can easily tackle steep hills with less effort. This is particularly useful if you live in a hilly area or commute through an uneven road surface daily. A 750W motor allows longer range through a more efficient energy transfer to the wheels. This also means you can accelerate faster from a standstill. It also enables a higher payload capacity, allowing you to carry heavy loads with less strain on the motor system. Meanwhile, the payload capacity of the HAOQI Orange Leopard Pro is 400 lbs. Remember that this payload capacity covers the rider's weight and extra luggage transported with the ride.

As mentioned earlier, electric bike batteries and motor performance depend on each other. With a 48V battery, more power will be provided to the motor system, leading to fast acceleration. It also enhances riders' performance during cold weather. A high-voltage battery will exhibit great resistance against harsh weather conditions. The 48V battery in HAOQI  Orange Leopard Pro also makes it charge faster than the lower battery voltage. Thus, you can change this model within 6 to 9 hours. It's expedient to not expose your battery to a wet environment, which could reduce its durability.

Adjustable Handlebar Stem and Suspension System

The HAOQI Orange Leopard Pro is built with a KMC electric bike chain and an adjustable ebike handlebar stem. This adjustable feature makes it easy for riders to customize to seat post to their preferred height or position. It also further enhances riders' comfort and convenience. However, the maximum and minimum seat heights are 36.5" and 28", respectively. The recommended rider's height is also between 5.5" to 6.8". Anything above this height limit can be extremely uncomfortable for riders.

The KMC chain used in HAOQI Orange Leopard Pro is a particular chain brand known for its high durability. It boosts the weight and power of electric bikes that often experience wear and tear. They are also reliable, providing a smooth riding performance while optimizing the motor's power output. Even though chain electric bikes are known to be noisier than their alternatives, such as the shaft drive system, the KMC chain reduces noise and vibrations. A quiet chain means a more comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. This is also a practical choice for frequent riders, as the KMC chain is easy to maintain and clean.

A Rear Rack for Easy Load Carriage

Installing a rear rack on your electric bike increases the carrying capacity. This also makes the electric bike more versatile for commuting, running errands, and covering longer distances. This is also ideal for fit-fam individuals who want to take along foods with low-fat content while riding. Pack your fruits, vegetables, and fibers without overloading your backpack. A rear rack will improve your ride balance and stability, as the object's weight will be evenly distributed over the rear wheel. The rider can then maintain a comfortable riding posture and easily access their cargo.

Adding a rear rack to your electric bike will also help boost your safety by keeping cargo off the handlebar. If extra cargo weight is centralized on the handlebar, it could affect steering and balance. Thus, riders can keep their hands free to control the electric bike better. You can easily install a rear rack without special technical skills or equipment. The good thing about purchasing HAOQI Orange Leopard Pro is getting a free rack and fenders. Meanwhile, a fender is also an essential tool for electric bikes. It helps to protect the rider from dirt and debris. This is particularly important while riding during winter.

Enhances Safety Features

Apart from the above-mentioned features, HAOQI Orange Leopard Pro has extra features that offer adequate protection. These features are why electric bikes are considered safer than traditional bikes. Interestingly, HAOQI manufacturers prioritize these features during their e-bike production process or stage.

  • Pedal-assist:The pedal-assist component is considered a safety feature based on its ability to provide riders extra assistance, especially through rough terrains. This helps riders to maintain a steady speed while riding, reducing the risk of falling off the electric bike. More interestingly, the HAOQI Orange Leopard Pro pedal-assist feature can be adjusted to the rider's preference. This means you can control your electric bike by determining the level of assistance you want while riding.
  • Hydraulic disc brake: The hydraulic disc brake is more efficient than the traditional rim brake, providing more stopping power. This means riders don't need to apply excessive force before stopping the electric bike. You can easily maneuver and stop your ride without causing accidents or havoc.
  • Lights: The HAOQI Orange Leopard Pro is built with a 48V LED light, which provides maximum visibility, especially in low-light conditions. It doesn't only help you to see clearly but also involves other road users in your presence. You can install the light at both rear and front angles, so other road users from all sides will be alerted of your presence.

The 28" * 18" Al6061 frame design: Several e-bike frame designs are made with different materials. However, the aluminum type has longer durability than the steel or wooden alternative. The aluminum 6061 is also cheaper and easy to maintain. The 28" * 18" Al6061 in HAOQI  Orange Leopard Pro is also designed with a lower center of gravity, which makes them more stable and easier to handle.

The HAOQI  Orange Leopard Pro Only Costs $1,399!

Even though HAOQI Orange Leopard Pro electric bike is built with outstanding features, it is quite affordable. It only cost about $1,399, even worth more than the value. It may be quite pricey than traditional bikes but consider its long-term benefits. Thus, this is one of the best investments for commuters who want a stress-free ride.


The HAOQI Orange Leopard Pro is an orange version of other HAOQI Leopard Pro you will find out there. Thus, you may come across several other colors of the same model or design, which include black, white, and green. This boosts the model's versatility, providing customers with various options. However, the HAOQI Orange Leopard Pro is highly functional and non-restrictive. It's perfect for almost every event, unlike the black color or version.

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