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Every commuter deserves an electric bike that will make their ride comfortable as possible. You need to be able to reach your destination without worrying about being stuck on the way. Even though there are several e-bike models in the transportation market, they can't meet your needs. The HAOQI Orange Leopard Pro ebike is a perfectly built e-bike model that meets the needs of several individuals. This is mainly due to its unique and modern features. Find out about these features and many more below.

haoqi leopard ebike

An Adjustable Handlebar Stem

Adjustable handlebar stems are innovative styles in modern electric bikes like HAOQI Orange Leopard Pro. The adjustable handlebar is included to enhance riders' flexibility. It helps you to adjust the height, to suit your body size and riding position. This is why individuals of different body sizes can use this type of electric bike. This will also help to prevent discomfort or pain in the arms, hands, back, or neck.

The adjustable handlebar stem makes the HAOQI Orange Leopard Pro ideal for commuting and recreational cycling. Thus, you can take it along for your daily activities, such as grocery shopping and also ride for a vacation or picnic gathering. Adjusting the handlebar stem increases riders' stability, improving their safety level. Thus, you are less likely to get involved in an accident or head collision.

When properly balanced on your HAOQI electric bike, ride performance will be heightened or boosted. The ability for riders to optimize their riding posture also improves efficiency and power transfer, leading to better speed results. This electric bike model is also ideal for new or first-time riders. It will help you to easily switch accessories or handlebars without replacing the whole stem. Thus, you can customize the e-bike to your needs or preference. If you are yet to master the technicalities of an electric bike, this model is highly recommended.

A Seat Post with a Suspension System

Electric bikes that are built with a suspension system are usually large and soft, enhancing riders' comfort. The suspension system can help absorb vibrations and shock generated while riding ebikes on rough terrains. Meanwhile, riding on bumpy roads can be extremely uncomfortable. This is more stressful when you've had a long day at work and are eager to get home and relax. A lack of suspension may pose the rider with joint pain, especially in the lower back and knee region. HAOQI Orange Leopard Pro manufacturers prioritize riders' comfort, so it's not surprising a high-quality seat post will be used for production.

A suspension system also increases riders' stability and reduces the effect of a sudden change in terrain or riding direction. Meanwhile, a sudden or unexpected change in direction could cause a sudden fall or an accident. You may also customize the suspension to suit your riding style, allowing for a wide range of usage. Customizing your electric bike without major upgrades or modifications is much easier.

A Hi-Tech Battery with 20Ah and a High Mileage Capacity

A battery is an essential component of an electric bike, which is often responsible for bike performance. Electric bikes built with hi-tech batteries, like the HAOQI Orange Leopard Pro model, are highly efficient. It enables a long mileage, allowing riders to reach an impressive range of 80 miles per charge. This is an impressive performance, as it's ideal for an average commuter. More interestingly, the built-in ebike battery is removable, so you can easily charge the power rate. It also comes with a USB port for charging mobile devices. However, you must carefully follow the user guide's instructions on properly maintaining your electric bike battery. Thus, plug a different device into your e-bike battery only when fully charged.

Before taking your electric bike for a ride, checking the battery situation is expedient. Also, always take an extra battery with you. Replacing a drained battery will be much easier since you are using the removable model or type. Make sure always to use an extra battery that's compatible with the electric bike in order not to complicate the devices. You could buy the same battery brand as the electric bike to be safe.

A Clear and Colored LCD Screen

The importance of an LCD screen in an electric bike must be considered. The screen can easily monitor your rider performance and provide the necessary information. With this information, you can easily control your ride or movement. For instance, you will get detailed information about the riding speed, covered distance, and battery gauge. Thus, don't hesitate to slow down your speed if your battery runs out faster than usual. You may also reduce the pedal-assist effect to minimize the possible pressure being placed on the electric bike's battery.

The HAOQI Leopard Pro has added value with a colored LCD screen. The colored LCD screen is easier to read than a monochrome screen, especially when riding under low light. The colored screen also gives riders a greater chance to control their rides. This includes contrast, font size, and brightness adjustment.

Apart from functional advantages, the colored LCD screen provides an aesthetic value. This appeals to the stylish touch of modern society. You wouldn't have to worry about navigating through colored screens, as the interface is simple and easy to use. Even less tech-savvy riders can easily navigate the settings and options using the intuitive menu. Additionally, the colored LCD screen performs optimally when connected to smartphones. This will enhance other protective features, such as GPS tracking. You can also connect Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, enjoying cool music as you ride through the warm, relaxing evening air.

A Rear Rack for Conveying Items

The HAOQI Leopard Pro electric bike has a free rear rack, which provides a convenient space for carrying or storing necessary items. This could also serve as a backpack while evenly distributing the load and body weight across the electric bike. The presence of a rear rack also increases an electric bike's versatility. Electric bikes with this feature can be used for various riding purposes, including camping, touring, and bikepacking. It also lowers the ride's center of gravity, improving movement balance and stability. Riders are less likely to get involved in an accident since they can easily maneuver the electric bike.

HAOQI Orange Leopard Pro's Features That Enhance Riders Safety

Certain features of the HAOQI Leopard Pro improve riding efficiency and enhance riders' safety. These safety components are essential, so ensure they are in good condition before taking your e-bike out for a ride.

The 48V LED Light

The LED light as a headlight uses less energy than traditional halogen bulbs. This is why they help to conserve the battery power in an electric bike. They also have longer durability, meaning you can depend on the light source for a long time without worrying about getting a replacement soon. This is a cost-minimization strategy to cut down your transport expenses.

A 48V LED light in your electric bike will brighten your ride and provide clear illumination. You can install the light at your electric bike's rear and front view, so other road users can easily identify you. This is also ideal for individuals who need to get familiar with a new environment or often ride along lone paths.

Alloy Pedal With Reflectors

The HAOQI Leopard Pro having an alloy pedal with reflectors is an added advantage. This boosts visibility while applying the pedal-assist feature to your electric bike. More interestingly, it's made with aluminum, which is more efficient, durable, and cheaper than other alternative materials such as steel.

Electric bikes with alloy pedals and reflectors can be a more convenient way to get around town. Since alloy materials are lightweight, they will increase pedaling efficiency and make transferring power from your legs to the bike easier. This causes a smoother ride and reduces fatigue from riding a long distance. Thus, you can cover as much distance as possible without fearing burning out.

HAOQI Orange Leopard Pro Affordability

The HAOQI Orange Leopard Pro model is affordable, costing as low as $1,499. This solves the accessibility barrier for low-income earners, allowing them to enjoy a smooth commute. You may also watch out for a discount of $300 for purchasing more than two electric bikes. However, it's always expedient to update yourself about the website information. You want to be sure the offer is still available or the coupon remains valid.


The HAOQI Orange Leopard Pro is just one of a type among other colors of the same brand or model. Thus, you may come across other HAOQI with the same features but different colors, such as black, green and white. The HAOQI brand is the best option for exploring various electric bike styles, types, and colors.

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