How to pump tire?

Attention: Please do not pump if the inner tire outside the wheel

Haoqi ebike wheel is 26*4 inches’ fat tire. These can be divided into the hard or the soft material. The soft tire is difficult to assemble than the hard one. One the one hand, we do not need to use tool and we can finish the tire assembling. On the other hand, we can also avoid the the tire’s blow up or any other safety issues.

Lay the bike sideways on the ground

Step 2: Push all the air inside the inner tube out

The outer tire has 2 lines, the green line needs to be put into the wheel totally. The green line needs to match the red line!

Attention: It is very important to check whether the inner tire was

Overlapping or not and also check and adjust with your hand inside the tire.

After installing it, adjust it back and forth to make sure that the gap in a circle is consistent. Note that if the installation is uneven, there will be more than one end, and the other end will fall off the hub. When installing one side, you should feel whether the opposite side is completely stuck on the edge of the wheel hub. Make sure that the left and right ends are completely stuck on the edge of the wheel hub

Rotate the tire, tap it from up and down, left and right, so that the inner and outer tires can be in place

started to pump, it is recommended to use the pump pump, adjust the position of the lower outer tire at any time during the process. The outer ring mark line of the outer tire is outside the hub, to adjust in time, plug inside. At the same time, adjust the whole outer tire in the correct position, and take a shot inside

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