Diffenrences and advantages between electric bike and traditional gas cars

Differences in business models
Sales channels for traditional cars are mainly 4s shop, car exchange market, car supermarket and so on.
Now new business models for electric bikes come in as follows:
One model is vehicle purchase, in which customers mainly refill energy by charging or by spare battery as a complementary way. The advantage is full ownership of the bike, but the disadvantages are higher price and future expenses of battery maintenance and replacement. Haoqi black leopard bike is priced at $1599, and a spare battery is priced at $499. Spare batteries and travel bags are optional.
Haoqi-Fat-Tire-Electric-Bike-All-Terrain-Black-Leopard-EbikeThe other model is bike lease or timeshare. In this model, battery charging and maintenance are taken care of by professionals. The emerging new business models have certain advantages but are not mature. We work with some partners under the lease model. The weekly price is about $300-400.




The advantage of electric bikes

The most outstanding advantage of electric bike is minimal pollution on the environment. Compared to traditional gas cars, electric bikes cause no air pollution since they produce no exhaust.

Very low noise is the obvious feature of electric bikes. Noise mainly comes from the engine inside a gas car. So electric bikes have an overwhelming edge over gas cars in noise level.



High efficiency is the most obvious feature of electric bikes. In cities, all cars has to stop and start constantly because of heavy traffic or traffic lights. Idling means a lot of energy consumption and exhaust for traditional gas cars. In contrast, when an electric car slows down or stops, the momentum of the car is converted into electricity through magnetoelectric effect and stored in the battery or other energy storage. So when electric bike pulls up, the motor won’t run in vain. In this way energy is used much more efficiently and air pollution is reduced.


Electric bikes are simple in structure, durable and easy to use and repair, which highlights their economy feature. Compared to traditional gas cars, electric cars are easier to control and simpler in structure. The mechanism is less sophisticated so that it’s unnecessary to change engine oil, oil pump or mufflers, and cooling water isn’t needed either. The maintenance workload is also much less. If you use Panasonic lithium battery, electric cars have longer life time than gas cars.


Being usable in a wide spectrum of conditions is another advantage electric cars have. Even in extreme situations like driving in a forest, on snowy days or in high altitude hypoxic place, electric cars work perfectly unaffected, whereas gas cars either fail to work or work at very low efficiency.



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