HAOQI Antelope Ebike Pro Review: the SUV of Ebikes- HAOQI Ebike

Tons of inconveniences come with owning a car, ranging from finding an appropriate parking space to the high maintenance cost. As a result, city dwellers need a versatile ebike that can serve multiple purposes. This mode of transportation can act in place of vehicles, providing numerous additional benefits. More interestingly, some models deliver more premium services than others. A perfect example is the HAOQI Antelope Ebike Pro, which is known as an SUV ebike. What role does this SUV bike play in urban mobility? Also, why does it stand out among thousands of electric bike models? As you further read this piece, you shall discover answers to these questions.

What is an SUV Bike?

SUV bike is a term used to describe electric bikes that are built with premium features that can also be found on sports utility vehicles (SUVs). As a result, such electric bikes are characterized by rugged design, high performance, and off-road capabilities. They also handle various terrains and weather conditions, fitting into the regular commute purpose and ride adventures.

An SUV ebike is built with a large and powerful motor and batteries, providing more speed and torque for off-riding. The tires are also made as large and wide wheels, providing enough traction while riding on rough terrains or surfaces. Additionally, they are equipped with features that enhance the comfortable ride. These features are further discussed in this piece, while others include:

  • Hydraulic disc brake.
  • Adjustable handlebar height and seat.
  • Front and rear suspension system.

They also have modern or technologically built-in features such as racks, lightning, and an integrated GPS tracking system. These features enhance riders' security and allow easy recovery whenever the bike is stolen. Customers get a free rack when purchasing the HAOQI Antelope Pro electric bike. This rack conveys goods without the need to overload your backpack.

Why You Need a Cargo Electric Bike

Electric cargo bikes are uniquely designed to serve a particular purpose. Thus, you may only realize its benefits if you use it for the intended purpose. Due to the added electrical components, these cargo bikes are heavier than traditional bicycles. They are also heavier than most electric bikes because the tires and suspension systems are built differently. For instance, a cargo ebike uses a fat tire, which reduces friction with road surfaces while in motion. The fat tire feature also enhances stability and balance while in motion.

Due to its sturdiness, a cargo ebike helps build riders' confidence. Thus, it can accommodate extra weight or size than regular electric bikes. However, you need to identify the maximum weight limit for your electric bike. The user guide usually provides this information to ensure riding balance and stability.

Consider getting an electric cargo bike if you want a well-functioning car replacement ebike. They are instrumental in urban areas with high traffic, where cars and trucks can be slow and inefficient. Also, electric cargo bikes require less fuel and have few moving parts. This makes it easy to maintain and operate. Also, consider getting a cargo ebike due to its flexibility. It is easy to maneuver, allowing riders to navigate through narrow streets, bike lanes, and alleys.

Since electric cargo bikes exist in thousands of numbers, why is the HAOQI Antelope Pro considered an SUV bike? Read on for exciting features you will find out, including detailed answers to your questions.

haoqi antelope cargo ebike

A High Motor or Power Rate

One of the characteristics of quality electric bikes is the high motor rate, usually between 500W and 1000W. A high wattage provides more speed and acceleration than a lower one. With the Antelope e-bike pro built with 750W motor power, riders can easily tackle steep hills and inclines, making it ideal for off-road adventures.

The Antelope e-bike pro model allows riders to cover a long range with minimal effort. You can maintain a consistent speed without the fear of tripping off your electric bike. Due to its high wattage rate, this electric bike product can carry loads or multiple passengers. However, the components are strong and highly durable, so you wouldn't need to worry about draining its lifespan with extra weight. A 750W is also perfect for rough terrains, providing the power to tackle uneven surfaces and challenging conditions.

A Modern Frame Type

Different frame materials affect the performance and durability of your electric bike. The frame materials may also affect the overall cost and maintenance requirements. A bike frame can be made from aluminum, steel, wood, or platinum. However, the aluminum frame type is common among modern electric bikes due to its durability, affordability, and high performance. More so, aluminum frames are of two series: series 6,000 and series 7,000. The HAOQI Antelope E-bike Pro model uses a 6061 aluminum series type. This boosts the mode compatibility when looking for an ideal car replacement ebike.

The 6061 aluminum frame is a high-strength alloy that can withstand the rigors of heavy use. Since aluminum is a light material used for bike construction, it contributes to electric cargo bikes being light-weighted and flexible overall. It also has a natural resistance to corrosion, which means the frame will last longer, requiring minimal maintenance. Also, aluminum is highly malleable, so the bike frame can be upgraded to new designs whenever it turns old. Most importantly, aluminum frames are cheaper than certain frame materials, such as titanium and carbon fiber. This is one of the reasons why the HAOQI Antelope Ebike Pro is an affordable electric bike, costing about $1,799 per unit. Buyers can also access the available bonanza or bonus by purchasing two or more products.

Increased Range Capacity

The SUV bike, HAOQI Antelope Pro, can cover a range between 65 and 85 miles on a single charge. This feature portrays an electric bike with a quality battery and motor components. The long-range characteristics also boost the model's capability of being a car replacement ebike. It ensures convenient commuting, allowing riders to travel further distances without worrying about traffic delays.

You can achieve more health goals with an opportunity to cover longer distances with a cargo ebike. Remember that your body muscle is strengthened in every direction or distance you cover. Thus, exercising more often will help improve your cardiovascular health. Exposure to the natural environment and elements will also improve your mental health. This is also an excellent way to get a better sleep routine and build social bonds or relationships.

Innovative Battery Type

HAOQI Antelope Pro electric bike manufacturer uses a 25Ah lithium-ion battery instead of the traditional lead-acid battery. This battery type has high energy density and low self-discharge. It implies the battery can store more energy even in a small space, making it an ideal option for creating flexible electric bikes. You may also expect lithium-ion batteries to last longer than lead-acid. Even when you don't use the battery for a long time, it barely self-discharges. However, maintaining an unused battery's power level of at least 50% is expedient.

Lithium-ion batteries have high cycle life. They can be charged and discharged many times before their performance level starts to degrade. This means they have more extended durability than other types of batteries, making them a cost-effective option for long-term purposes. Since you wouldn't need to worry about replacing your ebike battery sooner than expected, investing in a lithium-ion type is ideal.

Pedal Assist Intelligence

The HAOQI Antelope Pro model is built with a 5-level pedal-assist feature, allowing riders to customize their level of assistance. Most electric bikes usually have three assist modes, but the options are limited compared to 5 assist levels or methods. This assistance system allows riders to adjust their level of assistance based on terrain and riding conditions. This will conserve battery power and extend the range of electric bikes.

The five-leveled pedal-assist feature provides a more natural and intuitive riding experience than other pedal systems. Thus, riders will enjoy a natural boost, causing a smooth and seamless ride. You also have greater control of your speed level, which is particularly useful when riding on steep hills or different terrain conditions. Even though electric cargo bikes are generally fast, you must minimize the speed under certain riding conditions. For instance, you want to be more careful when riding at night.


If you are thinking of switching to an electric mode of transportation, ensure the value you get is worth the money being paid. This is why the HAOQI Antelope e-bike was highlighted in this article. It is an affordable electric bike with excess benefits, making it fit enough to be called an SUV ebike. Other features that may interest you were also discussed. However, it would help if you highlight your personal needs and preferences before purchasing.

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