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Riding with a flat tire can be extremely frustrating, and you want to avoid it as much as possible. However, what happens when you try avoiding it but still end up with a flat tire? In this article, you shall discover ways to avoid a flat tire and give tips to implement when you have one.

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Gathering the Right Tools

The first step is gathering the tools needed for fixing the ebike tire. However, make sure you get the right tools for your electric bike. You need to pay attention to the tool size and if they can fulfil the needed duty. Below is a list of tools or items you may want to get.

  • Tire levers
  • Pump
  • Spare tube
  • Tire repair kit
  • Tire plug kit
  • 2 cartridges
  • CO2 cartridges and dispenser

1. Finding Punctures in an Ebike Tire

Before deciding to fix an ebike tire, you must be sure it has been punctured. Ebike tire replacement can be challenging, so you want to avoid a costly mistake as much as possible. If your e-bike has a tube tire, it may be easier to recognize damages or punctures, unlike a tubeless tire.

Squeezing your ebike tire can help you identify whether air is escaping. To be more particular about where the puncture is located, you should add water to the ebike tire. Squeeze the electric bike tire again, and watch for a hissing sound. Make sure to always mark any punctured part you may have discovered. This makes it easier to fix the tire.

2. Removing Your Electric Bike Wheel

To easily remove the wheels, lay your bike sideways on the ground. It is best to avoid damaging the other components while at it. You may want to remove the bike controls and screen first since they are delicate and susceptible to crashes.

If your bike tire is only punctured and has a tubeless tire, you may not need to flip the bike to its sides. You can quickly fix the punctured part with your tire repair kit without needing to remove the wheel.

If removing the e-bike wheel, you can either use a bolt or release clamp. All you need to do is pull the lever away from the frame and loosen the e-bike nuts. However, use an Allen wrench or socket if the electric bike is built with two bolts. If you are removing a back wheel, you may have axle bolts on both sides of your wheel. Make sure to loosen the bolts before continuing to remove your tire.

3. Replacing Your E-bike Tire

Replacing a flat bike tire varies with tube and tubeless types. Most tubeless bikes have bike liners, so it may take a while to notice any puncture or damage. Also, you may need to pump air into the ebike tire until you achieve the appropriate pressure level.

Fixing a Flat Tubeless Tire

If there is no significant result after using an air pump, follow the steps below.

  • You will need a plug and plug insertion tool that fits perfectly for each other. Insert the plug into the tool until it almost reaches the end of the tool.
  • Gently push the insertion tool into the punctured area. You must be careful at this point so you do not destroy the e-bike rim.
  • Once you have the insertion tool, insert the plug and carefully pull it away from the punctured tire.
  • Pump air into the ebike tire, and you are good to go. However, you may clip the loose ends of your tire plug.
  • If your flat bike tire still does not respond well, consider inserting a tube into the tire.
Fixing a Flat Tubed Tire

You need to ensure the inner tube of your e-bike is well-placed and functioning. Below are the steps or processes required to fix an ebike tube.

  • First, confirm that the inner tires in the electric bike are not overlapping. If it does, carefully tap with your finger until they align.
  • Make sure to have an even gap between the inner tubes. If the inner tubes are not even, it will cause either the left or the right side to fall out.
  • Use your tire lever to free the ebike tire from the rim. Once most of the tires are detached from the rim, you can use your fingers to remove them altogether.
  • You must carefully avoid the valve while removing the tube from the rim.
  • Use the steps above to identify the punctured part of the wheel, then mark it with colored objects such as chalk or a marker.
  • Before applying patches to the punctured part, use sandpaper or a metal file to clean the spot and put more emphasis on it.
  • The last part of fixing is to use a glued or glueless patch. Wait until the glue is tacky, then apply more pressure to the tube.

4. Installing the Tire Tube

Bear in mind that this step is only necessary if you have a tubed tire. However, you may follow the procedure to convert the tubeless tire into a tubed tire.

  • Avoid adding excessive pressure to the tire tube so as not to complicate the installation process.
  • Carefully insert the rim and tube valves through the punctured hole. This should be done as straight as possible until you are sure the tube is well placed in the tire.
  • Continually use your fingers to push the tire into the wheel rim. In case you find it too hard to do with your hands, use a tire lever.
  • Recheck the tire pressure to be sure it matches the recommended standard. If there is any slight change, inflate the tire, and you have a perfectly fixed fat tire ebike.

5. Replacing the Electric Bike Wheel

Sometimes, the fault with your tire may be from the wheel. Thus, you may need to replace the wheel as well. The first thing is to check if the front wheel has a release clamp. If there is a clamp, carefully place or attach the axle to the wheel system. To fix a back wheel, ensure enough space in the derailleur to allow the gears to pass through successfully.

Always pull the release clamp until the wheel is tight enough. Use your Allen wrench to ensure the nuts by the side of the wheel are tightened equally. Also, check your rim brake (provided you have one), and place back the metal noodle.

Test run your electric bike until you are sure everything is set. Then, you can take it to the road while you enjoy your fat tire ebike.

How to Avoid a Flat E-bike Tire

Understanding how to avoid a flat tire is essential because it will save you from unnecessary stress and expenses. After implementing the tips above, follow certain precautions to prevent your flat bike tire from further damage. The first thing to do is always to check your tire pressure. Check the pressure chart of your e-bike to confirm if it is under-inflated or over-inflated. The standard rule is always to check your tire once a month. Other ways to avoid getting a flat bike tire are further highlighted below.

  • Avoid adding excessive weight to your electric bike. Every electric bike has the maximum weight it can carry, including the fat tire ebike. Make sure to read your manufacturer’s manual so you don’t get a broken or damaged tire.
  • It would be best if you always rode the appropriate tire suitable for a particular terrain. For instance, you will need a fat tire ebike if you often ride on rough terrains or hilly areas. This type of tire is also suitable for riding on concrete or asphalt. Consider buying an all-purpose fat tire ebike for commuting to meet your diverse needs.
  • Always add an anti-flat material to your flat bike tire for immediate response to puncture. This material will coat the tire tube with sealant, preventing foreign materials from injecting into a fat tire ebike.
  • Although tire liners may add to your electric bike weight, they increase the rolling resistance. This implies increased traction to the ground surface. Liners are also made of different designs and styles. However, consider the heavy-duty liners above the tiny ones, as they offer more protection.
  • Your ride technique or method will also determine the lifespan of your fat bike tire. Make sure to avoid areas with debris or thorns. You should accurately plan your route before taking your electric bike out for the day.


Even though you are riding on a road or path where you can receive assistance, you must prepare for the journey. It is crucial to know these tips and be prepared for worse scenarios. Remember that your ebike tire is essential and greatly affects your ride performance. Thus, if you find implementing any of the tips above challenging, you may consult an expert in the industry.

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