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The warm weather and blue skies in spring are usually a relaxing time to ride your electric bicycle. However, spring rides often require additional maintenance routines, but you can have a successful ride if you follow the proper procedures. Choosing a high-quality electric bikes from Haoqi  will also help you to avoid situations such as broken seats and flat tires. Once you are ready to ride ebike in spring, you can implement the five tips discussed in this article.

HAOQI fat tire electric bikes

Check Your Tire Pressure

Your electric bike tire can influence its performance while riding. It also ensures safety, extends tire lifespan, and prevents sudden bike failure while in motion. Proper tire pressure can improve your bike's handling, traction, and efficiency. 

On the other hand, there are certain disadvantages of over-inflating and under-inflating bike tires. Under-inflating will not allow your e-bike to hold enough grip on the ground surface. Over-inflating will expose the tire to danger by losing contact with the surface area. Thus, the best solution is to check the appropriate pressure level for your electric bike and the terrain you will be riding on.

Most tires will likely let out air if used for an extended period. Thus, ensure you invest in a quality air pump to increase the tire pressure. The first thing you want to do is to remove the valve cap in the bike tire. Then, press the tire gauge firmly onto the valve stem. Pump air into the tire in small increments until you reach your desired measurement.

Check the Brake Levers

A brake lever is a critical component of an electric bike. When the brake levers are not in proper condition, they could cause a huge problem during spring riding. The problems could be as dangerous as a fatal accident. 

E-bikes are typically heavier than traditional bikes because of the ebike motor's and battery's added weight. This means that they require more force to stop, so a brake lever that provides good leverage and is easy to operate is essential. 

In addition, e-bikes can reach higher speeds than traditional bikes due to the assistance provided by the electric motor. This means that stopping power is even more critical in an e-bike, as it can take longer to slow down or stop at high speeds. A proper brake lever should allow the rider to apply consistent, controlled braking force with minimal effort. It should also be easy to reach and operate, even when the rider is in a hurry or panicked.

When checking your electric bike brake lever, ensure they are well connected to the brake pads on each wheel. If the lever is not well placed, use the adjuster to set it in the proper position. Make sure also to fix any broken brake cables. Riding with a broken cable could make it difficult to stop your ride at the appropriate time. The brake pads should also be tightly fixed to the bike rims and wiggling.

Check the Chain Conditions

In checking the chain condition of your electric bike, pay attention to visible damages such as kinks, rust, and bent links. If the chain is severely damaged, you need to pay for the service of a mechanical expert. Sometimes, you may need to adjust the chain position or apply lubricant. Appropriate lubrication reduces bike friction and sloppiness. 

You can spin the bike wheel to check the chain's condition. If the wheel does not make any grinding noise, it may indicate the chain has a problem. If the chain appears in good condition, you can check its tension. Push down on the chain in the middle of the largest chainring and largest cog; it should deflect about 1/2 inch under moderate pressure. If the chain is too loose, it may fall off the chainring or cog. Bear in mind that chains slack as they age. Thus, ensure to replace them even if there is no physical damage.

Check the Spokes

A spoke is an essential part of an electric bike's wheel because it helps to distribute the weight of the rider around the wheel evenly. Thus, the wheel must function properly. If a spoke is not functioning correctly, it can cause the wheel to become unbalanced. This can lead to various problems, such as increased wear on the tire, decreased handling stability, and reduced overall performance. Therefore, ensuring that all of the spokes on an electric bike are in good condition is vital. Ensure the spokes are correctly tensioned to ensure the bike is safe and performs at its best.

Ensure your electric bike spokes are tightly placed on the machine before going for spring riding. If the spoke is loose, tighten it with an Allen wrench. You can follow the steps below to assess your electric bike's state carefully.

  • Shift the gears on the bike so the chain is on the smallest cog at the back and the largest cog at the front. This will make it easier to access the spokes on the rear wheel.
  • Look at each spoke to see if they are all evenly spaced and aligned with the others. They should be parallel to the rim and not bent or twisted.
  • Spin the wheel and check for any wobbling or rubbing against the brake pads or frame. If you notice any issues, try tightening or loosening the spokes to correct the problem.
  • Repeat these steps on the front wheel.
  • If you are unable to correct the issue, it is recommended that you have a bike mechanic check and repair the wheel.

Check Safety Gear

Spring rides are only complete with the safety gear. You need to install front and rear lights on your electric bicycle so that you can see clearly. It will also enhance your visibility to other road users and prevent collisions. While buying the best affordable electric bicycle, you should request other safety gear, such as a helmet. Some manufacturers include helmets in their delivery package, while others may require you to buy them separately. Whichever way you buy a helmet, make sure you go out with one. 

Please also consider installing a fender on your electric bike. It will protect you from the dirt and debris on the road. Your cloth gear can also serve the safety function when riding an e-bike. Check the weather condition to determine the most appropriate clothing for the ride.

Choosing the Best Model for Haoqi Bike

Preparing for rides in the new year can be challenging if you are not adequately prepared. A part of your preparation should involve shopping for a high-quality electric bike. The tips discussed above are only significant when implemented on a quality bike type or model. This is why this article recommends intending rides in the new year to shop for HAOQl Antelope Ebike with a dual battery.

This Haoqi bike product is delivered with free accessories such as fenders, rear racks, trapper hats, and warm cycling gloves. As mentioned earlier, gears should be essential when planning spring rides. Thus, this is a freebie you want to take advantage of.

The Haoqi Antelope bike is also built with a 750W, increasing its capacity to ride on rough terrains and regular commutes. It also has an LCD that provides information on speed level and battery capacity. You also learn about the pedal-assist level you are riding on and adjust it to your preferred mode.


There is no better way to ride ebike in spring than putting your safety first. You need to take certain precautions that will ensure you have a smooth ride. You may also test the electric bike before going for spring riding. This is particularly vital if you are a novice electric bike rider.

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