Summer is coming! Summer is suitable for outgoing. We can go to parks, lakes, beaches and mountains... Here are 4 summer activities that are perfect for riding Haoqi e-bike in 2021.

1. Go to the beach 

The sun rises higher and higher, like a blossoming flower, as the children play...

Beach, Beach, Beach

The zephyr catches my skin like a wide receiver playing football...

Swoosh, Swoosh, Swoosh

Haoqi e-bike takes me to ride with wind on the beach

Rush, Rush, Rush


2. Go for a picnic.

Nothing feels more like summer than heading to a park with a blanket and an easy lunch. Picnics are a favorite activity, and no one wants to lug the heavy bag of food and drinks. On your Haoqi electric bike, your friends and family can take in the sights of summer without struggling with the picnic accessories.


3. Camp & BBQ

Camping is a quite essential warm weather activity, and bringing along your ebike can provide even more enjoyment! On the dusk, you prepare the BBQ beside the beach and then ride Haoqi e-bike with breeze. Then, on the evening, you sleep in the camp! Such a wonderful thing! It is one of the best moments that you can memorize forever!


4. Explore & take adventures & travel

  To tell the truth, what I like most is to find new way and i like to go through lanes by riding my Haoqi e-bike.  After working for a whole day, I prefer to ride my Haoqi e-bike to find those lanes i have never been to. We all know that dusk is cool and it's also my best time to ride in summer. 


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