HAOQI Front Suspension Fork [electric bike] [HAOQI ebike]

HAOQI Front Suspension Fork

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Material: Crafted from a high-quality blend of Magnesium and Aluminum Alloy, our HAOQI Front Suspension Fork is designed to be both sturdy and durable, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to corrosion.


  • Rebound Adjust: Fine-tune the fork's response for a smoother ride.
  • Lock-Out System: Easily switch between rigid and suspension modes to suit various riding conditions.
  • Air Spring: Adjust the air pressure to customize the hardness and softness, making it ideal for navigating rough terrains.


Compatible with HAOQI e-bike models. Choose the one that best fits your ride.

Note: Please contact our customer service team to confirm compatibility with your selected model before purchasing.