HAOQI Ebike 35L Waterproof Ebike Saddle Bag [electric bike] [HAOQI ebike]

HAOQI Ebike 35L Waterproof Ebike Saddle Bag

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  • WATER RESISTANT: Constructed from EVA and polyester materials, ensuring robust water resistance and durability.

  • LARGE CAPACITY: 35L capacity saddle bag accommodates a plethora of items, expanding to meet increased capacity needs.

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Equipped with 2 shoulder straps, offering versatility as a messenger bag. Designed for convenient portability during travel.

  • SHOCK ABSORBING PADDING: Interior padding minimizes shock impact while cycling. Detachable partition enhances usage flexibility.

  • INTEGRATED FRAME: Engineered for stability and resistance during use, providing secure storage for clothes, shoes, phone, cameras, kettle, and other belongings.

Material :EVA + Polyester

Capacity: 35L

Dimension: 38*15*21cm(15x6x8inch)


Compatible with all HAOQI electric bikes