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Traditional cargo transportation faces several challenges, including but not limited to urban congestion, environmental concerns, and the demand for quicker deliveries. These problems can fester with the use of conventional methods, such as delivery vans and trucks that often find it difficult to move through traffic and find parking. Asides from this, you also have to consider increasing fuel prices and the effect of using such gasoline-powered vehicles on the environment.


To combat these urban transportation issues, innovative solutions like the HAOQI Camel cargo ebike become necessary. This is an electric cargo bike that offers easier and smoother navigation through congested streets and promotes sustainability by reducing carbon footprints. With its features, it can be considered a cargo solution on wheels, with the potential to transform the transportation landscape. Keep reading to learn more.

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Benefits of Using Cargo E-bikes

Cargo e-bikes are built differently from regular electric bikes, with features that improve maneuverability and allow more storage space. This enables them to offer several benefits that make them a compelling choice for various transit needs. These include the following:


The purchase price of an electric cargo bike is often more affordable when compared to other vehicle options, especially the traditional gasoline-powered types. A typical one can cost between $1,500 to $5,000, depending on your preferences. Using this also means you spend less on maintenance, fuel, and insurance. This lack of reliance on gasoline means fewer visits to the gas station with your car and spending even less on public transit. With a bike like the HAOQI Camel, you can retain more control over your movements and other related expenses.

Environmental Sustainability

Cargo e-bikes are designed for eco-friendly transportation, which means using one can reduce the impact of your travels on the environment. Instead of using fuel and releasing harmful pollutants into the air, they use electric power from rechargeable batteries and produce zero emissions. This way, they contribute to cleaner air and reduce noise pollution and traffic congestion, especially in densely populated areas. With the world trying to focus more on sustainability, these can significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with other urban cargo transit options.

Navigation and Accessibility

One of the main problems of transportation nowadays is navigation, especially on roads with heavy traffic and a high influx of vehicles. Most people have to cope with being stuck in congestion and gridlocks multiple times in just a week of commuting. However, this can be easily solved by using a cargo e-bike.

These are built much smaller than regular vehicles, which enhances agility and allows users to navigate better through narrow streets and congested areas. By increasing your options in any traffic situation, you can enjoy more access than a regular vehicle would. Instead of sitting stuck, you can use familiar side roads and shortcuts to keep moving. 


Cargo e-bikes are often designed with features that enhance flexibility when carrying different types of passengers and loads. These include front and rear baskets and space for attaching other preferred accesories. They are also designed with wider tires that can move easily across different terrains and ground surfaces, including mud, snow, and sand. These features enhance their versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of riding and cargo transportation needs.

Health and Fitness

Cycling can improve your health and body in different ways. However, the stress of riding a regular bicycle can be too much for many to remain consistent in the hobby. This problem is easily solved by a cargo e-bike. With a battery to store charge and an ebike motor to output power, you can move effortlessly and customize the bike to your preferences. This helps to retain your interest and keep you consistent in pursuing your fitness goals.

Features of the HAOQI Camel


48V 17.4Ah and 48V 10.4Ah


750W brushless hub motor 

Tire Size

20" x 4" 

Payload Capacity

400 lbs


6061 aluminum frame


7-speed Shimano derailleur system 

Top Speed

28 mph

Charging Time

6 to 9 hours

To enjoy the benefits of using one, it is important to get the right type of cargo e-bike for your commute. The HAOQI Camel is equipped with features that ensure you can enjoy a premium riding experience across most terrains. These include the following:


The Camel uses a 52V 750W brushless hub motor, which is a practical option for most terrains. This powerful motor ensures the bike can achieve a 20 mph top speed and outputs power to the pedal-assist and throttle systems.


This cargo e-bike is equipped with a dual battery system, which enables it to hold more capacity and provide more range than the regular types. The main one is a 48V 17.4Ah lithium-ion battery, with a 48V 10.4Ah substitute you can rely on if the first one gets depleted. This increases your range to up to 120 miles on a single complete charge, which is adequate for all types of long-distance trips and more than most cargo e-bikes provide.

Payload Capacity

It has a 400 lb payload capacity, which means more ease and convenience when riding with passengers and heavy loads. This is amply supported by its strong and durable 6061 aluminum frame. With this, you can enjoy better navigation than a regular e-bike when moving with increased weight. The tires and suspension system ensure you enjoy premium comfort levels and allow the e-bike to withstand the rigors of riding on rugged terrain for extended periods.


The HAOQI brand is known for its high-quality and innovative lineup of electric bike models that have enabled them to contribute to the growing eco-consciousness towards sustainable transportation. Among these products is the Camel, an electric cargo bike with unique features for an enhanced riding experience.


This e-bike uses a dual battery system for long range, a powerful motor, fat tires, a high-quality gear system, and several other components. These ensure riders can move better in different traffic conditions, whether alone or with loads and passengers. If this innovative HAOQI ebike is a suitable option for your riding needs, visit the online store to check out more products.

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