The New landscape with Haoqi E-bike------the weekend without a car

In recent years, it becomes very popular to take a bike tour on the weekend. 

 However it was an annoying problem we don't have so much time to find it on the website, It's not a problem.

We would like to recommend three programs for you and your loved one during the weekend.


  1. California Wine Country Bike Tour.


  1. Acadia National Park Bike Tour


       3.Asheville 4-Day Bike Tour


What should you prepare for the tour?


First of all, take an E-Bike for a Bike Tour, as we know for the traditional bike tour it always with a normal bike, however, the weekend means to relax and enjoy the outdoor view after a hard working week, we are almost not the professional for this, We would like to introduce the Haoqi E-Bike, it can run 35-60 miles per charge, we recommend it must be charged about 9 hours. click here for more info

Second, just thinking what are you need for a trip? water? Yes, it must be most important. A biking tour also means exercising and need a lot of energy to support the human body, the Haoqi Ebike 50L bag must be a good buddy of the E-Bike, it can take everything you need with

The third one, A tour means the natural condition was very important, we don't recommend going out in the bad weather, however, sometimes the weather always changeable, Haoqi E-Bike is suitable for every weather conditions. and with its fat-tire, you can ride it whatever dirt, sand or grass.

The HAOQI eBike ship was pre-assembled and practically ready to ride out the box. Change the way you ride, Hybrid cycling, pedal-assist or walk-assist model, let the ride be whatever you, We ship from CA. HAOQI eBikes provide a 15-days return guarantee. click 

When everything ready, you can enjoy the outdoor landscape, find a new place in nature.


Going out without a car, just start here, More information on the website here

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